Say No To Fast Food

Say No To Fast FoodFood is basic need of all the living beings. Food is taken so that we may live and get energy to work. In earlier days, mother-cooked food was the best food but as the time is changing, the home made food is losing its importance in daily life and is replaced by Fast or Junk Food.

Hmmm…FAST FOOD, very common and popular name among youths. Almost it is recommended by all the ages whether they are children, teenagers, youngsters or old. Today‚Äôs fast going life needs everything ready to make.

But in this fast going life who cares about the health? If you do then you should know the bad effects of fast food.

If we notice then we can see that there are many harmful ill effects of fast foods which are dangerous for our body.

Harmful effects of Fast Food

1) Cholestrol
First of all fast-food means Cholesterol. Cholesterol means one step ahead towards heart failure. It clogs the arteries due to which they become unable to send blood to heart and it results in heart failure.

2) High Blood Presure
Another bad thing is High Blood Pressure. It is also dangerous for heart and it also effects brain.

Eating too much fast food leads to Obesity. It means discomfort. It causes Hypertension and make person short tempered.

So at the end of the day fast-food means unhealthy person, unhealthy lifestyle and an overall unhealthy body.

So if you care about the health then SAY NO TO FAST FOOD and prefer home made food and live a long healthy happy life without tension. Health is one of the most important aspects of life which needs proper care and proper attention to live a happy life.


  1. It is proper gyan about junk food

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