Top 10 Social Networking Sites in India

Top Social Networking Sites

Can you guess or imagine that in India which is the most popular social network site? Are you thinking it is Orkut…? No!! It’s not Orkut, its Facebook now. To be online on social networking is what most of the Indians spend their time.

According to the latest report released by comScore, a marketing research company, out of total internet users inIndia, 84 percent users visit the social networking sites inIndia. This makes India the world’s seventh largest social network sites visitor.

United States is the largest and number one social network website visitor country among all the countries with 174.4 million unique visitors in July 2010. It has the growth rate of 23 percent. In the last year in July 2009, there were 131 million users for social networking sites from this country.

China is on number two following US with total of 97.1 million users in July 2010 and is followed by Germany who had 37.9 million unique visitors in July 2010 with the growth rate of 47 percent. It had 25.7 million unique visitors in the July of the last year 2009.

1. Facebook
According to com-score, Facebook is the number one social networking channel in India visited by 20.9 million visitors in July 2010. Facebook becomes the number one by replacing Orkut who had about 19.87 million unique visitors in July 2010.

2. Orkut
Being on number one as India’s most popular social website, Orkut is now replaced by Facebook. Even in July 2010, with 19.87 million unique visitors, Orkut is now on number two with a low double growth of 16 percent as compared to the last year.

Bharatstudent is a student networking channel connecting young Indians worldwide. Bharatstudent is on number 3 with 4.4 total unique visitors in July 2010. It has 3 percent growth in its unique visitors as compared over the last year in July 2009.

4. Yahoo! Pulse
Yahoo! Pulse comes in force by integrated and improved Yahoo! Profiles and Yahoo! 360 and is the fourth most popular Indian networking channel visited by 3.5 million unique visitors in July 2010.

On twitter, one can discover what is happening right now anywhere in the world. Twitter with 3.3 million unique visitors in July 2010 is the number 5th social networking website visited by Indians. Twitter had the highest growth rate among all the 5 upper mentioning channels, increasing 239 percentages from the last year July 2009. 8 percent of total internet users use twitter inIndia while it is used by 20 percent internet users in Indonesia and Brazil.

Indians are now exchanging information, ideas and opportunities through LinkedIn and therefore, it led to rise in the users of LinkedIn in India. It is the sixth most used website in India and was accessed by 3.3 million unique visitors in July 2010.

Zedge is a free stuff provider for your phone. With the rapid increase in the users of mobile phone, Zedge becomes the India’s seventh largest website with 81 percent growth since July 2009 with a total of 3.2 million unique visitors in July 2010.

Ibibo is another social networking channel like Facebook and Orkut. Here, one can also play games and can send free sms. With 89 % of total growth rate since July 2009, Ibibo had 2.9 million unique visitors in July 2010 and this made him the 8th most popular social networking website inIndia.

9. Yahoo! Buzz
Yahoo! Buzz was launched in 2008. Following Ibibo, Yahoo! Buzz is on number 9 with total number of 1.8 million unique visitors in July 2010. There is 233 % growth rate in Yahoo Buzz as compared from last year July 2009.

10. has the highest growth rate amongst all the 10 social networking websites. It had 281 % increment since July 2009. The website is on number ten with 1.55 unique visitors in July 2010.


  1. FreeMoneyMaker

    Very good post atul,all are internatioally popular site except last one I am just unaware of it.I will try it.

  2. Anish K.S @ Technics

    Its Interesting that FB beats Orkut in India.

  3. Facebook is a good social networking site i like it

  4. To me facebook is number one.

  5. I love facebook for videos and Orkut for real friends 🙂

  6. Kiran Joseph

    I love Orkut more than anything!!!Orkut is the king of India and it will soon replace facebook and regain it’s top position!!!Orkut roxxxxx

  7. For me Orkut is better too. In FB most of the users friended you just to browse your pictures hehe

  8. facebook is the best social networking website

  9. facebook is d best… nd facebook rockxxx..!!

  10. facebook is d best website sharing information

  11. I think so twitter is the best

  12. facebook rockzz nd orkut suckzz ……i luv it :*

  13. I think is the only pro genuine networking free site other than the FB and Twitter.

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    were believer in the Almighty God (spiritual way of living), peace
    loving, well disciplined, innocent, honest, laborious and friendly in
    the past but all these noble characters of the Nepalese People became
    the things of the past. Unfortunately we have completely lost these
    precious and valuable Nepalese characters .In true sense, Nepalese
    people are always suffering from mass illiteracy, severe poverty,
    severe ignorance, backwardness and isolation, primitiveness, hunger
    etc. Because of these entire sad circumstances and situations, Nepal
    always remain at the bottom, among the least developed countries (LDC)
    of the world. At the same time, we have not only completely forgotten
    and discarded our age old traditional noble believes, values and
    practices but at the same time we are not becoming able and also not
    having least curiosity and eagerness to learn the civilization of
    other countries of the whole world, particularly from the developed
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    and skills about modern sciences, technologies, management skills and
    rapidly advancing global village reality due to ever rapidly
    developing and expanding information technologies all over the world.
    Because of all these serious and horrible situations, short comings
    and problems, since many decades Nepal was being continuously misused
    by smugglers, anarchists, and those anti social fraction of
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    also respect and worship all the Rivers as Mother Rivers (Ganga Mata).
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    and women of the society, who teach us knowledge and wisdom. Though
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    contributed his whole life for spreading the noble thought and noble
    way of living for the human being through his non violence and
    peaceful massage to the human civilization, and at the same time we
    always dispute with India and claim that Gautam Buddha was definitely
    borne d in Nepal not in India but we are least bothered and concerned
    about the noble thought and wisdom of Gautam Buddha. Though the Gautam
    Buddha firmly believed and practiced the peaceful way of living and
    tried his best to maintain the peace and harmony in the society in his
    life time but it always became sad that majorities of Nepalese people
    are not believing and respecting the wisdom of Gautam Buddha but in
    the contrary majorities of us are believing and practicing in ever
    increasing manner that we are not respecting Gautam Buddha at all and
    believing and practicing just opposite way of Gautam Buddha’s wisdom
    and practice. Anti social, anti national interests and anarchist
    activities is increasing continuously in Nepal. The good and noble
    characters of human civilization e.g. politeness , civic sense,
    respect to the father and mother and senior citizens; respecting each
    others and learning from each others; co-ordination and mutual
    respects, ethics, norms , principle, social harmony, objectives;
    believing whole heartedly that there are no other ways rather than
    believing, respecting and practicing peaceful co-existence for the
    survival of society; visions ,discipline, others good and noble
    characters of the citizens, society and country as whole, is being
    eroded and spoiled as days are passing. Vulgar thoughts, vulgar
    practice and vulgar way of living and vulgarism are spreading in the
    society in such a rapid way that as forest fire rapidly burns to ash
    the large forest areas during hot, dry and windy season. Due to these
    ever flourishing anti social, anti national and criminal ways of
    lives, all the people of Nepal were are compelled to the influence of
    these not noble fraction of nation’s population. At the same time, the
    numbers of non believers and atheists are increasing rapidly in
    Nepalese population, among them young generation and students are
    most non believer (non spiritual) and atheist. Due to these sad reasons
    and situations, most of the people in Nepal are already in a so severe
    confusion and vision less state that we do not least bother about the
    noble dimension (aspect) of precious human life and human
    civilization. Very few people in Nepal believe that with continuous
    hard labor, firm belief in the God, noble ideas, dedication, enjoying
    fully what we are doing, great enthusiasm, clear vision and wisdom, we
    can excel in any type work and any field of studies, just like great
    scientists of the world, sir Albert Einstein and madam Curie who
    became successful to discover the theory of relativity and very useful
    and precious element Radium respectively. But unfortunately here in
    Nepal most of the people are believing and doing in opposite ways. By
    these reasons we have already became unable to differentiate between
    good and bad, right and wrong , service and harmful deeds to the
    society and nation; unity, harmony and disturbance, disintegration of
    society and nation. We are also unable to differentiate between good
    citizen’s behavior and thoughts, actions and behaviors of criminals;
    hopefulness and hopelessness; god and devil; heaven and hell etc.
    Majorities of us are becoming further poor in each passing day.
    Corruption, smuggling, mass gambling, mass alcohol abuse are our daily
    way of life of larger portion of Nepalese population. The trend is
    increasing and we are becoming helpless s to protect even our children
    from harmful habit formation like: gambling, violence and other anti
    social behaviors The monitoring, evaluation and control systems are
    very poor, so there are no effective award and punishment systems in
    Nepal . Majorities of Nepalese people, mostly urban young generations
    of the country are not disciplined and well mannered and do not
    respect these noble human characters. Most of the young people
    including students do not believe in politeness, which is one of the
    noble characters of civilized society and do not practice it at all.
    Our young generation are believing and practicing rough behavior,
    hooliganism, vandalism, unruly and destructive actions; violent
    behaviors and actions. Not only these, some portion of the population
    who may be ignorant and misguided about what they are doing, are
    believing and acting to that extreme that they are setting-fire on the
    school buses, students carrying vehicles on the roads and even inside
    the schools compound which are causing irreversible deep mental shock
    and psychological terror in the innocent children’s mind and soul.
    These portion population are also setting-fire on the government,
    public and private buses , trucks, and other transportation vehicles
    on the high ways and inner roads in regular manner . Nepal is becoming
    more and more poor country and life of Nepalese people is becoming
    more and more miserable, difficult, harsh, horrible and hard for mere
    survival due to forceful and threat full close down of the all the
    transportation systems; forceful and threat full close down of the
    schools, colleges universities, and threat full and forceful close down
    of all the national construction activities and all the economic
    activities of whole country in regular manner since many years. This
    section of populations are also setting-fire on schools ,learning
    institutions, public, government and private properties in routine
    manner, behaving and acting in such manner that what they are doing
    are most heroic deeds of human civilization of the world. Despite of
    our above mentioned horrible difficult situations and poverty,
    unfortunately since about one decade, we are facing unbearable civil
    war in the name of politico-philosophical experiment land, as Nepal is
    a most suitable training ground for the guerrilla war-fare, in the
    isolated and difficult geographical structure like sloppy and steep
    terrain of the remote hill s and high mountains of Nepal as Peru was
    used in Latin America . As Nepal, this Latin-American country Peru is
    also a poor; undeveloped, backward country with poor sociology-economical
    justice, having mass illiteracy and mass poverty problems. At the same
    time Peru , Bolivia and other boarding countries of Peru also were
    famous for illegal plantation of poppy crops , leading to flourishing
    business of smuggling of these highly addictive drugs eg. cocaine from
    these regions, to the rich countries of North America and Europe . If
    we once use these group of drugs we will be compelled and hooked on to
    these addictive drugs leading to vicious cycle of ever increasing
    crimes and other social problems, occurring not only in particular
    country but also to the countries of whole world, causing to worldwide
    drugs addiction problems. At the same time this south American country
    also having forest covered remote hills and mountains with steep and
    sloppy terrain, like in Nepal. Because o f these suitable
    Geo-topographical-environments of Peru , the guerrilla training
    movement started in early 1980’s was continuously becoming fierce
    guerrilla war-fare movement till 1990’s decade causing loss of
    thousands of human lives and suffering of the people in that guerrilla
    war-fare affected remote mountainous villages regions and this
    movement is still surviving recent years above mentioned
    guerrilla movement is still surviving in another Latin American country Columbia.
    In this part of the world, we the
    people of Nepal are suffering far more than the suffering of Peruvian
    people. Because of all these above mentioned unfortunate happenings,
    we are continuously destroying the basic infrastructures like roads,
    bridges, schools, irrigation facilities, communication facilities,
    locally constructed rural electrification facilities and all the other
    human society needed essential facilities, constructed and supported
    since many decades by all the friendly countries of Nepal all over the
    world. By this unfortunate and unwanted happening we, the people of
    Nepal are becoming poorer, more backward, isolated day by day. Not
    only this, we have already lost thousands of precious mostly young
    human lives without any noble mission in this period. We are also
    highly worried about the continuous disturbance of education of young
    children due to the frequent close down of schools, not peaceful,
    hopeless and spoiled environment in the country.

    dr. kalyan basnet
    Nepal, Katmandu
    bir hospital.

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  17. Thakur deepak Singh

    My view is Facebook

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