Microsoft Bing copies Google search results

Google on its blog has declared that Microsoft’s search engine, Bing is copying the search results from google search results. This is a direct accusation by Google on Microsoft. Microsoft, on the other hand, denies of this and says that they do not copy results from anyone.

Google has come up with a proof on its blog and they are not with Microsoft’s response.

Google has posted the below proof on its blog. See the below 2 images.

Image Proof of Bing stealing Google’s Algorithm

Google copies Bing search
Bing copies Google search algos

Google searched ‘torsoraphy‘ and Bing showed the results identical to google search results. Their team further carried this experiment with other words and every time, the results of 2 search-engines were identical. This frustrated the Internet Giant and Amit Singhal; Google fellow posted these results on googleblog.

Google is saying that they have worked very hard for their search, have invested thousands of dollars on man-power and other resources and don’t want anyone to copy its algorithms.

This experiment confirms biggest Search-Engine’s suspicion that Bing is using some combination of:
* IE8 which sends data to Bing via its Suggested Sites feature.
* Bing Toolbar, which sends data via Microsoft’s Customer Experience Improvement Program.

Big G added that it’s very bad on part of Microsoft that it is also following the stealing practice. Atleast it should not involve itself in such low profile works. If it wants to compete with it, then Big M along with its team should work hard like G’s team has worked and should not indulge in such theft works.

On the other hand, Bing is denying this and says that his team knows what to do and they never involve in stealing or something like that. Their algorithms is pure their property and they have not stolen anyone’s code.

They further added that the queries fired and the words searched are the non-searchable terms and both Search Engines results are same by chance and not by any special tricks.

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