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Generally sites like Facebook, orkut, youtube, yahoomail etc. are blocked in offices and schools. Almost all colleges and corporate offices raise their firewalls to block such sites. You can open these sites through proxies. But what to do if proxies are also blocked?

Actually, social networking channels like orkut, myspace and especially Facebook are time-eaters and are made just for timepass. People can spend hours on these sites and they actually spend and waste their time and people, especially young guys spend their whole day surfing these sites and chatting with their friends. Some guys realize at the end of the day that they have wasted their whole day in just chatting and they did nothing in that day. But again, the next day comes and they fell a victim of these timepass websites. People make new friends during the chatting and they talk openly to them. This is the reason that why schools, colleges and universities ban these in their campuses. The offices also ban these due to the same reason and also, the offices want the output in the form of work from the employees and so, they block it through their proxy network.


The banning is good and I am not against it but suppose that your girlfriend has sent you message on facebook and the message is very urgent. So, what to do in this case?

Well, you cannot ask your office network team to remove proxy just for you so that you can read your girlfriend’s message. So, you need to act as smarter here. For this, you can get help from Ultrasurf. Ultrasurf can unblock any site for you. But the question is that how this software will be able to open the blocked sites as they are being blocked by the proxy server. Actually, Ultrasurf bypasses proxy server and therefore, any site can be opened easily.

Let’s first understand that how websites are blocked:

Websites are blocked in 2 ways:
* By directly blocking the url of any website.
* By blocking the url comprising of restricted words (myspace, orkut, etc.).

How Ultrasurf unblocks websites
Ultrasurf works entirely in a different approach. It’s a stand alone application. And when you run ultrasurf, your internet connection come through ultrasurf.

We know that proxy acts as a mediator between internet source and your computer. The internet has to pass through proxy server in order to reach to your computer.

Ultrasurf, on the other hand, acts as a mediator between internet source and proxy server and in-between your computer and internet source. In simple terms, it just bypasses the proxy.

When you run the exe of this tool, it takes control of the proxy and stands in-between the source of the internet and proxy. So, the proxy-server is unable to block any website.

Ultrasurf is software to kill the filtration.

With UltraSurf started, you can use web browsers (like IE, Firefox) the same as before, but all are under UltraSurf’s protection now.

It automatically changes IE’s proxy server to local one.

UltraSurf Features

1. With UltraSurf, you can protect your internet privacy with anonymous surfing and browsing.

2. It hides IP addresses and locations, cleans browsing history and cookies.

3. Ultrasurf uses high level encryption, so you can surf the web with high security.

5. UltraSurf allows you to overcome the censorship and blockage on the Internet.

6. No installation is needed. Just unzip the file and run it.

You can download ultrasurf here.

If you are using firefox, you need to download the additional firefox add-on, available at the same location.

Ultrasurf in Action Video

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  1. Thaks for this info

  2. Ultra surf is one of my favorite Proxy software because of it’s simplicity and easy to use.

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  4. @Susan: Thanks

  5. hey…am a regular user of ultrasurf…bt i wana no cn v use yaho msngr wid oll d features thru ultrasurf?..am not tokin bout d webmsngr…i mean i need msngr wid cam…voice chat etc…is it possible 2 use sch msngr thru ultrasurf?

  6. @Daman: Welcome to mine blog. Ultrasurf is just ProxySurfer. If any messenger allows you for voice chat etc., then ultrasurf will not be any blocker in it. Hope it helps
    Keep Visiting oceanofweb

  7. Hi, It seems very good, nevertheless this site is also blocked to me, I can access to it only by a web proxy and cannot download the UltraSurf to test it…


  8. ya. i found ultrasurf block with help of Netcop utm. but only in their paid version.

  9. Raju Grewal

    Now ultrasurf is not working in LPU.

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