An April Fools’ Murder

Come April the 1st and everyone goes prank crazy, this one day when no one is spared the humiliation of an April Fools’ joke, a lot of newspapers, websites come up with ridiculous and funny articles to entertain readers. Most people spend a lot of time thinking of the best prank to play on friends, family, and colleagues-from fake robberies, to emptied bank accounts, husbands cheating on wives and vice-versa. Things were no different for Susan Tammy Hudson who thought she would take things up a notch by telling her relatives that she had killed her husband, unfortunately everything went wrong.

April Fool


In what appears to be a well played prank, this Tennessee woman had police knocking on her front door after they received a call from Susan’s sister who had told them about the murder. “I said that I have killed my sweet-heart. Currently, I am cleaning the wastage and after this, we will bury him in the Blackwater.” – were her words to WKPT 19. Her sister then informed police about the “murder” after which police made their way over to Susan’s house and was even arrested but was released when her husband got home from work utterly confused.

In another April Fools prank gone terribly wrong, a woman in Oklahoma named Tori Wheeler had told her boyfriend that she was pregnant and stabbed him when she did not like his reaction; the man only had to get seven stitches. Thankfully Tammy has nothing to worry about.

Both Susan and her husband just simply laughed things off and has even forgiven her sister for informing the police, while many speculate that the situation could have gone horribly wrong if the police, who surrounded her house while armed, had fired at her. But for Susan, a light-hearted prankster who enjoys pulling a fast one over friends and family is absolutely overjoyed with the response that she received. Helen heard the upsetting news and then called another family member who informed the Kingston Police Department who had arrived at Susan’s house armed and arrested her. It was then that Tammy realized that her prank had gone wrong.

But don’t think that this is the last that friends and family will hear from Susan. She says that “The response was excellent.” but plans to be a bit more careful when playing such pranks on gullible relatives. So next year, think about who you want to prank and how and plan ahead for just in case things go wrong.


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