Track your Santa with Google and Norad

Track your Santa with Google and NoradNORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) has tied with Google to help children track Santa while he visits the globe.

As of writing this post, Santa is in Los Angeles, California, United States. He would be visiting whole USA. The aircraft is specially designed for this festival. It is being decorated from inside as well as from outside. Special team took the responsibility of decorating it with beautiful colors. The color combination was also taken into account.

Santa would be delivering gifts to the people. He would be throwing the small beautiful gifts from sky on the ground. The gifts are specially made for the children. It has been taken care what the small children love and what should be gifted to them on this special occasion.

You can track Santa just by visiting

You will be able to see Santa’s current location as well as what would be his next stoppage.

The site is available in total 7 languages including English.

On mobile browser, Santa can be tracked by visiting Alternatively, google maps for mobile can also be used.

You can also track Santa on Google Earth here.

Google Earth plugin can also be installed from google at Download Google Earth Plugin

You can also check Tricks and Trips for NORAD tracking Santa.

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