Tata Docomo Launches 3G Service

Tata Docomo 3GPresent era is 3G era, 3G means third generation. After the public sector MTNL, private companies are also entering in this 3G world so that they can be in the competition with other telecommunication service providers.

On the occasion of festivals where other telecommunication service providers are trying to attract the customers by offering different types of discounts and schemes; Tata Docomo and Tata Teleservices Limited are providing 3G services in nine states on this Diwali festival.

Let us make you clear about 3G:

So, what is 3G service?
3G is a technology by which one can connect through internet without any wire. It means the third generation is internet wireless broadband by which one can easily connect to the internet. 3G can also help you in browsing web pages very quickly. It allows you to perform video calls and video conferences with your friends & family members, enjoying live streaming of music videos, searching the internet for any information as and when required and watching Live TV etc.

But to use this service, your phone should be 3G supported. Tata Docomo is providing the range of handsets and you can see whether your phone is ready to use this service or not. To check whether your phone can accept this 3G or not, click here.

According to Tata Docomo, they have more than 8 million subscribers from all the nine states in which they are providing their services. The states in which they are launching their 3G services are Kerala, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Tata Docomo has not yet announced any tariff structure or price for their 3G service. But on the Diwali Bonanza, they will provide this service free for one week i.e., upto 11 November, 2010.

Other private telecommunications service providers are also planning to launch 3G service which will be till the end of the year.

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