Six Axvoice VOIP Features that Attract People

Being an advanced technology, Axvoice VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has features that have surpassed the ones being offered by telephone and mobile companies. As one of the most innovative inventions ever, it is a new mode of telecommunication using the Internet, with its popularity increasing exponentially daily, as network coverage increases.

To keep it simple, let’s discuss 6 main Axvoice VOIP features that attract people.

1 – The introduction of VOIP readily brings with itself the option of super-cheap calls. You can opt for all kinds of call plans available out there. Choose just the right call plan in accordance with your need to not only save money but also get better phone service.

2 – Directing incoming calls. The capability that comes with Axvoice VOIP is that you can direct your incoming calls (on your home or business phone) to the VOIP service. All you need is the Internet and a computer with Axvoice VOIP service on it. Not being at home or present at your work-desk will never again mean you miss an important call.

3 – Find me Follow me. Axvoice VOIP offers a network that follows you wherever you are in the world. When you are on the move, you can direct unanswered calls to ANY number – for your colleagues’ for example, if you are out of town.

4 – Axvoice VOIP features like call blocking, conference calls etc. are on the way to being an important, powerful tool for businesses. Getting all these features at the low cost that VoIP has, cost-reduction for your business gets a new meaning. Apart from being cost-effective, the security that these features can bring to your home and business calls is unrivaled.

5 – Axvoice VOIP service can give you quickness in making or receiving your calls. With VoIP features like speed dial, call return, anonymous call rejection and last number dial, the speed at which you deal with calls at home or your business will increase, saving important time.

6 – Fail-over. If you are set up in an area that is prone to power outages during specific times of the year, losing incoming calls over the Internet can be a problem. In case there is a power outage or your ISP is down, your calls will never be missed if you are using Axvoice VOIP. You can select a number to forward all your calls in case of such an emergency.

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  1. Well as far as I know about the VoIP phone service, it is mainly popular for its very low prices. Features offered by VoIP providers are not very important for some. Right now, VoIP phone service is offering lowest call rates in the market. To the bad luck of ordinar land line service providers, it is offering these low rates and very good voice quality.

    • My name is Bill Burton. I did not leave the above feedback. I cannot speak to the accuracy of the feedback as I don’t use VOIP much less this particular VOIP. But I think the admins of this website should remove the above comment from “Bill Burton” as 1) the poster is fake and intentionally provided the wrong email address hoping the confirmation would never be challenged, or 2) the poster tried to leave his correct email address but used mine instead because he is stupid.

  2. Well, as far as the quality of VoIP service is concerned, there were some issues in the beginning but right now, there are no issues with the quality of internet phone service. Basically, these problems were due to low internet speed but since the arrival of broadband internet, all the providers are offering crystal clear voice quality.

  3. James Flanagan

    It is true. Before the arrival of broad band internet phone service, problems like broken voice and noise were a part and parcel of VoIP phone service. However, right now, these problems have become a story of past just because of the broadband internet service. In the last few years, I never heard anyone complaining about the voice quality of VoiP service.

  4. I don’t agree that VoIP phone service is known for the low prices only. No doubt, right now voip providers are offering the lowest prices in the market and ordinary land line service providers can’t even think of that low prices but we have to accept that many people switch to VoIP for its features and voice quality.

  5. Lauren Decker

    This is a fact that many people switch to VoIP just because of its features. There are many people who can afford the high prices of ordinary land line phone service. They are rich enough to pay the land line phone bills still they switch to VoIP just because of its features.

  6. Brian Skarbek

    No doubt features of VoIP phone service are incredible but you would notice that many of these features remain unused for years. Take the example of fail over feature. This is feature is used as a backup plan but right now, I have never heard for a long time that someone had to fall his back on the fail over feature.

  7. Yes features like fail over and a few others are used rarely. However, the main objective of these features is not to use them daily. In fact the VoIP service providers try to make their service the most reliable one. The try to provide you a service that is reliable even in the worst situations.

  8. Landon Willis

    That is true. The basic aim of features like fail over and many others is not to use them daily. If you have to use them daily, that means your VoIP service provider is not reliable at all. Such features are made to keep the service working even in the difficult times.

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