Man with 41 teeth in his mouth

A man by the name Anshu living in Ranchi, Jharkhand of India has total of 41 teeth in his mouth. One day on Friday, he started facing some pain in one of his teeth. The pain started increasing and when he found unbearable, he went to a Dental Clinic that is in his neighborhood, in order to get relief.

The Dental Doctor Vishal Bhagat examined him and during examination, found that the person was having more teeth than usual 32. Dr. Vishal counted and came to know that Anshu is having a total of 41 teeth in his mouth.

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The doctor gave him some medicines and told the patient about extraordinary thing that he has. He told him that he has having extra count of teeth in his mouth. The patient worried on knowing this. But Dr. Bhagat consoled him and said that there’s nothing to worry in it.

There are some human beings who develop some extraordinary qualities or extra body organs in them. It is a game of bychance and all due to God’s will.

Bhagat further added that till now in his career, this is the second case that he has seen. Prior to Anshu, he found one patient with 38 teeth.
Man with extra teeth

However for his pain, the patient was given some medicines and was asked for some precautions.

With this pain, Anshu atleast came to know of his extraordinary mouth. He went to home and told his parents of this. His parents counted and were surprised to see that what their son was telling was true. The mother said that she didn’t notice this till now, even in her son’s childhood days. She was surprised and was also thankful that she now knows this.

All neighbors and Anshu’s friends gathered him to see him and to count the number of teeth that he is having in his mouth.

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