Man who has not bathed from 37 years – Most smelling Human

Kailash Singh from Varanasi, India can be considered as the most smelling man of the world. I don’t know if he smells bad or not but I can only say that the person has not bathed from the last 37 years.

He married in 1974 and after that has not enjoyed his body with water. Kailash is 65 years old. His beard has become 6 feet long.

On being asked that why he hates bathing, he said that he doesn’t hate bath and wash the body but as per the advice of one of his well-wishers and religionist, if he will boycott bath and water-touch on the most part of his body then he will get a son.

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But the sad news is that till now he has 7 children and all are girls. His family, relatives and even his all daughters have asked him to leave these superstitions and live as a normal human-being but everybody’s efforts have gone into vain. He is firm on his decision and says that he will follow his principle throughout his life.

Most smelling Man of world
Most smelling Man

His neighbors and especially small children make fun of him and laughs at him and his superstitions but Kailash has no complaints from them. He said that he has to follow some principles, no matter what others think of that.

Initially his family members quarreled a lot over this issues. His wife Kalawati even said that he along with all the children will leave his home and him if he continues to be the same. She asked him that they cannot live with the smelly person but again the old man has no regrets on this.

Kailash says that he knows that his daughters and wife Kalawati does not like his this strange behavior but he is also helpless and can’t do anything. He says that he is proud of his family members who are leaving with him happily and enjoying their life.

One of his daughters said that her class-mates used to make fun of his father in front of her. Initially she didn’t like it and used to wipe but now she feels proud of her father. Her father has made him famous in whole Varanasi. People ask her about his old dad and want to meet him. She says that some others pay a great respect for him as he has not left his beliefs, no matter what the people said.

Kailash Singh washes his mouth, hands and feet with water in a day but never takes complete bath. He looks after his cattle in the village. Now nature has also made him its friend. Even the hot sun is not able to make him any loss. Summer or winter, he has no water on his body.

He even says that if someone asks him to choose between water-bath and death, he will happily love death.

Let me know your views on this man.


  1. This man is a liar just looking for attention.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to never get your body wet over 37 years. Even if he never took a shower or bath on purpose, he must get wet when it suddenly starts raining or flooding and he doesn’t have time to run to shelter. He might have even spilled a glass of water on himself at some point.

  2. John is totally right on this. It is totally impossible.

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