Mahatma Gandhi Seen On Mars

When a spacecraft go in the sky or on any planet, you may expect that the pictures that this space shuttle will send on earth will be of any volcano, large rocks, mountains and hilly areas.

But can you predict that the picture can be of any Famous Personality.

The craft by the name Orbit sent by Italian Space Agency on the planet Mars recently sent some surprising pictures.

The enthusiast Matteo Lanneo was going through all the photos that Orbit sent on earth. On scanning and looking at the images one by one, he noticed that one of the pictures had Mahatma Gandhi in it. Actually, the photo was having the bald head, moustaches, face etc. same as Indian National Father Mahatma Gandhi was having. The photograph resembled the ditto copy of Father of Nation of India.

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Matteo Lanneo when first saw the photograph sent by European shuttle, recognized at the first look that it was of Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi.

It is not the first time that any human face is seen on Mars planet.

Mahatma Gandhi Seen On Mars
Mahatma Gandhi On Mars

Prior to this, the Viking 1 Orbiter of United States of America took a picture that showed a hill in the form of human being face.

The Space Enthusiasts said that the aliens might have built it.

In 2010, NASA HiRise camera took a picture that was looking similar to a big rocky hill.

This phenomenon of seeing the human being faces is known as ‘Pareidolia’. As per the scientists, this phenomenon occurs as the man easily recognizes the familiar objects easily.

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  1. It is miracle that Gandhi’s face is found in Mars. Indians are so lucky that we get such personality who teach the Ahimsa to whole world. His teaching is so active that it works even today. He give the new direction to world when world was fighting for dominance and many country is exploring the world….great man leave a signs in Earth and I think he may be fighting for something their so his image is appear their……….

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