Alien found dead in snow of Siberia, Russia – Hoax

An alien has found dead in Siberia. The dead body, found in badly damaged condition, was lying on the snow, with its mouth little opened.

I don’t know if the body is really of an alien but the youtube video showing the dead body is becoming very popular. The original video that was uploaded on 17 April has already crossed 100,000 views.

Irkutsk in Siberia of Russia is a well-known UFO hotspot. Their believers think that the aliens when visited Earth met with an accident and left their friends body on our planet. The body might have been missed by government of Russia.

Every year, dozens of UFO sightings are there in Irkutsk but it was the last month, in which this unknown and unidentified object is reported.

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One of the persons said that at first sight, we were not able to believe that we are looking at the body of an alien. And also there were no signs of space near it. But at last, we had to believe that it’s not an earth-human body.

While other persons still believe that it’s just an art piece and someone has crafted this piece and its not real body.

Fake Alien Body Hoax

I don’t know if it’s fake and someone’s mischief or True Dead body of alien. But if it’s true, scientists would find it useful and so our science.

What you all think –> Is it Real Alien?

UPDATE: The alien body is not of actual alien. It’s a fake body and just a hoax

Youtube Video of Fake Alien Body


  1. Its fake, dont believe it. The Ailien is just a Copy of ”I-T” The big eyes the big head. Dont believe this video.

  2. glenn farrell

    fake.u would not stay calm around a dead would be crapping ur pants

  3. i dunno what to think but if i honnestly found that i would be shocked and wouldnt know how to react but i would definately take a pic or sumthin cus u neva know reli

  4. No. It’s not fake my friends. No one is getting money for telling lies. In fact this creature is called Ballishtia or Bona in our country. It is not alien, it lives underneath, in walls of wells and underground tunnels where human doesnt go.
    If u look at the shape of his arms u will see that they are asymmetrical in length. In our country we have a lot of samples of it in our labs and we are studying its DNA. This funny creature has the capability to camouflage itself and shape transformation. 4 inches in height.
    One was found in Lahore Pakistan which was badly burnt as it fell down on hot bricks.
    U can see the Pakistani one on yoiutube by searching “Alien found in Lahore Pakistan”. and do compare its arms with this one of Irkutsk, Russia. You will get the answer.

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