USA Man Chris Roller Files Patent Saying He Is GOD

A man from United States of America has filed a patent to prove that he is GOD.

The person by the name Chris Roller is so serious and convinced that he dare to file a patent and says that he is a God or the God and only he has the right to make money from his omnipotent powers.

He says that no other person in this whole world should make money on God’s name, meaning his name.

He says that in 1999, physiologically he came to know that he has 1 million children and also that he has God’s powers. Millions of spirits entered in him at that time.

Chris Roller wants the exclusive rights so that only he can use the omnipotent powers and the government should ban others of earning money under his name. If one however earns, he should get some share of that. And that share could be anything between 0-100%, but yes greater than zero%.

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He says that the money that the people are earning on God’s name is his money and without giving him the commission, no one has the right to misuse his wealth. The range of commission will depend on the popularity of person and if he sells any product and makes money out of it, then the price share would depend on the popularity, market and cost value of the product.

Chris Roller Files Patent Claiming God

Chris further admits that people think him as crazy and even the authorities think him as fake and naughty person, instead of Messiah.

Mr. Roller is former USA Navy Nuclear Engineer and is 43 years old. In United States, he is from Kansas.

The officers however rejected his application. He then claimed that he can show them his powers and it can act as a proof. But the Patent Officials simply rejected everything and didn’t show any interest in Chris or his application either. Explaining the reason of rejection, the officers said that this claim is beyond their duty. They also said that no one in this world and even on whole planet earth can prove such an application and patent. They said that how they can sign such a letter that claims someone to be Super Power and creator of whole universe.

Mr. Roller has launched his website and now he also say that some people believe him as Jesus Christ, some Buddha, some Mohammed, some savior etc.

See the below video of his interview in a media channel
The interviewer makes a magic trick in which he hides a red hanky (which was in his hand a while ago) and asks Roller if he has used his godly powers for making this trick to work or is it a magic. Then he gives a funny laugh and asks him if he is going to sue him for this.

Chris Roller GOD Video

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  1. Damn , is he for real ?? how can any one claim this, so lame :@

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