American Twin Brothers joined Face-to-Face

Tyler Delp and Stefan are the twin brothers living in South Jersey, United States of America and are happy on what nature has given them.

Both brothers are joined through heads so that one head looks forward and other is in opposite direction. Their heads are joined in such a way that none of them is unable to see other’s face. Though they have seen each-other’s faces in the mirror but not in real life as they can see other human beings faces.

They always remain together, eat together, do every work together but just can’t look at each other face-to-face.

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The twin brothers said that life needs some adjustments and that they have learned to. When they move, the one moves forwards and sees if anybody is there in front and the other in backward direction facing back. When they talk to someone, they revolve so that both can see the third person’s face. They eat by sitting in the opposite directions. When they need to watch television, then some time one sees and other just listens and then after sometime, they revert their faces. These all things are adjustable by them. They say it simple and have no regrets from the life.

American Twin Brothers joined from Heads
Face Joined Brothers

Tyler Delp and Stefan were born in Pennsylvania and since then the parents kept them away from media but now when they have turned 19, this is the first time that they are facing the media.

They do all the works together such as going to school, playing violin and enjoying every moment of life. Their favorite hobby is to play violin and they are learning and playing it from the last 11 years. Their school is special needs school where they study at their best. Singing and Music is their favorite thing in life and they have sung in their school many a times, while playing the violin themselves.

They say that they are not only brothers but friends too. Stefan says that the best in my life is that my best friend Tyler always remains with me.

Tyler loves Steve Forbert, a folk singer and Stefan actress Jennette McCurdy.

On being asked about their children from parents Nancy Hoffman and Tim Delp, they said that their children have given them every happiness in life and they are very proud of them.

When Nancy was pregnant, the doctors revealed that it would not be a normal birth and they advised to abort the children. The mother Nancy at once cried and said that she even not kill a fly then how can kill her children which are not born yet. If God has written their death then it would be in her lap and not in the hospital due to any doctor’s medicines.

Tim and Nancy said that when their sons were born, they were happy that they are safe and living and now they are feeling very proud of them. They expressed their feelings and said that they love their sons very much and can’t live without them.

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