Woman with Worlds Largest Breasts and Bras

Most of the women in this world want the large breasts and in good shape. But the large breasts have created a problem for American woman Annie Hawkins Turner, whose breasts have turned into a very big size.

Guinness Book of World Records has also confirmed the same and has entered her name in their record books.

Annie Hawkins-Turner lives in Atlanta in the state of Georgia in USA. She says that since the childhood days, she is taunted by the people on her body. The unknown persons look at her and make fun of her. She says that when she steps out of her house, she keeps in mind that today there can be some new comments by some strange persons.

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She has 2 children and says that she does not care of her but these all affects her children. She says that he was much moved when her loving husband died around 6 years back. He was a retired officer from Air Force and loved her badly. It was he who changed her life altogether. He used to make her laugh and prevent her from world’s bad eyes and comments.

Woman with Worlds Largest Breasts Bras
Worlds Largest Breasts

After her lover death, she is alone but then also her children are what give her reason to enjoy the moments of life on earth.

Annie Hawkins said that people should respect her and should not just mock at her. She is a human being like everybody else, except nature has given her some strange body-parts but again that is not to make fun and laugh. She admits that sometimes the outer children become worse as they are small kids and kids love to tease elders and on looking at her, they get a subject to play.

The US lady wears the world’s biggest bra and tries her best to cover her breast.

She came to know of her strange body when she was 10 years old, when at that age none of the bras that her age girls were wearing fit in hers. She was then given the bra of one elder girl.

She says that she even faced problems while breastfeeding her son and was unable to feed milk properly to the baby.

Ms Turner chest requires 102zzz size bra and weighs 8 stone. She says that she will never undergo any surgery, even though she finds very difficulty in performing the daily tasks such as driving the car but then also she does all her works properly and with happiness.

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