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Are you surprised by reading the title of the post? I know whether you are surprised or not but the heading must have given you a good laugh at the end. And yes, the reason is to laugh as I came to know of a man who is so keen to marry that he has declared of giving plenty of money to the person who will help him search a good girl.

Paul Gutierrez, a man from Elgin, Illinois, United States of America has said that anyone in this world who will give him a wife will be eligibile for 50% of the earnings that Paul will earn in the following one year. He has said that the person’s charity would be granted this money and if that person wants then Paul can also walk across America in his wedding dress and can ask people to donate money for her or his charitable trust.

The American bachelor said that the wife-finder can be a female or male, it doesn’t matter, she/he would get the said dollars.

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Mr. Gutierrez is 38 years old and is still unmarried. He is very much tired of his loneliness and says that now it’s becoming intolerable for him to live as single.

Gutierrez is so desperate that he is following all the tricks that can be used in order to get married. He has even launched his blog asking help from people to find him a good caring wife.

Paul Gutierrez - Please Give Me Wife
Please Give Me Any Wife

He says that neither he is a prince and nor he has millions of dollars, he is a simple living man and wants a simple girl. He says that he does not have any girl-friend and wants direct life-partner.

He previously made but since the website did not have his name, he has now made a new site for him by the name . Also in this new name, he can state that he is so handsome that any girl can select him.

American Handome Paul has listed the 38 reasons that why any girl should accept him as husband. He says that he is caring, has no diseases and does not take any sort of drugs. He is very handsome young man. He will never fight with his partner and his partner can even share the makeup kit with him. He will never complain of anything.

United States bachelor guy has mentioned that he needs a woman’s touch now and that woman will be an inspiration for him. Moreover, the girl would be now famous all over after choosing him as her life-partner. Well, he never becomes sore but if by chance it happens, he can be pleased very easily.

He has added that he has almost all the qualities of a good husband and so his wife would be very happy with him.

Please comment here if you find a suitable girl for Paul.


  1. I am miss Nerice from Cameroon with age 30 years old now and i have one child and i am still leaving with my father and mother and my junior ones. I am a very honest and faithful ,caring , sharing and free willing given person in life . I have been looking for that special man in my life to be my desired and my lord husband .

    Thank ‘s to meet you . i love you.

  2. Iam a boy I want to be a girl so pleasemake has your wife or girl it is no matter but iam staying in Bangalore

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