The Tallest Teen Girl in the World

Tallest Girl In The World

Elisany Silva, a teen Brazilian girl, was born on September 27, 1995. Yet she hasn’t completed her 15 and is just 14 years old but still has a height of 6.9 feet. If we measure this height in meters, it comes out to be 2 meter and 6 centimeters which means that 206 centimeters is her height.

Elizane Cruz Silva is 6 feet and 9 inches tall but as she is only 14 years old, so she hasn’t finished growing up yet. She still has 4-5 years more to grow.

The normal height of any teen at this age should be 151 centimeters. But her height in this age is 206 cms. According to one of the specialists, “Chances are that elisany might increase her height almost the triple of a normal girl; this means 15 cm per year. The reason of such a fast increase in height is a disease called Gigantismo. This is a rare disease in which body starts to increase without any boundaries.

Gigantismo is a very rare disease found in some of the peoples and may create complications in them in the future. And if this disease is not controlled, the person suffering from this disease can have the symptoms of headache and she/he can also suffer eyesight problems. This disease can even lead to the death of some other glands of the body like adrenals, thyroid and the ovaries.

Elizane Cruz Silva is also facing a lot of problems with her growing height. Not only in the outside world but even inside the home, her growing life is disturbing her normal life. Her mother said that she can’t do anything for her Elizane’s disease because she is not having any idea about her daughter’s disease and also she is not in a condition to pay for the treatment. The mother added that her daughter might be suffering from Gigantismo. According to one of the specialists, in a condition like Elizane, a part of the brain starts to produce too much growth hormones and the person starts to grow at a rapid pace.

Being so tall is not so easy to live a happy life like others, but her tallness is helping her to find a job. Elizane Cruz Silva has dream of becoming a model. She wants her career in the field of modeling and in this, her height can help her a lot because it is not everyday that people can see a 6’9” (and still growing) female model.

Video of Elizane Cruz Silva – Tallest Girl

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    Sorry, my daughter 17 years old is 9.10 that’s nine feet ten inches TALL….contact for further details.

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