Euthanasia And The Right To Die

Euthanasia And The Right To Die

Euthanasia, also known as mercy killing, is intentionally terminating another person’s life before time, either by direct intervention / active euthanasia or by withholding life-prolonging resources / passive euthanasia. This can happen both at the request of that person as well as in the absence of such approval.

Euthanasia is often considered immoral. Many people argue that it is wrong not only for humans but even for the animals to give such a terrible suffering to them. A patient might be euthanized if he or she suffers from a terminal illness, absolutely incurable due to which the patient remains in constant pain and suffering. Some people consider that freeing the patient from such suffering by letting him end his life before time is the solution while others believe that no matter how ill one is, living human is far better than a dead body.

Lots of doctors, patients and family members everyday commit numerous acts of euthanasia around the world. It is their way of bringing back some dignity to the shattered life and bodies of their loved ones. The right to have one’s life ended at will is subject to social, ethical, and legal complications.

In some countries-such as netherland – it’s legal and socially acceptable to have one’s life terminated with the help of third party drugs and tools. One has to be sound in mind and want one’s death knowingly, intentionally, repeatedly and forcefully.

Those who are against euthanasia say that it is unethical to kill anyone before time. They say that everyone has the right to live and they should not be killed in this way. People say that euthanasia is reducing the value of life. In such a condition, murders will multiply and none of us will be safe once we reach old age or become disable.

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