Should Ragging be Banned

3-4 days before, I read in a newspaper that a student named Devendra jumped in front of the train as he was being tortured by his seniors during ragging. The dead body was found on Railway Tracks in Hyderabad. The family’s financial condition is also not so good. Devendra’s elder brother Madhusudan himself went to his brother’s college to share his words with Devendra’s seniors. The family got another shock when College Management called the suicide-case, as of Mental depression.

Prior to this in March, a medical student’s dead body was found in Himachal Pradesh due to being badly beaten by his seniors, again during ragging. In the same month, a girl tried to commit suicide in Andhra Pradesh due to being forced by her seniors to dance nude.

These are only some examples. Due to ragging, many students lose their career, their lives. So shouldn’t this practice be altogether banned. I know that Supreme Court is trying its best to stop this inhuman practice. But shouldn’t something harsh be done to completely eliminate this evil that snatches brothers from their sisters, sons from their mothers.

Stop Ragging
Stop Ragging

Some people comment that ragging is an important college game. But in my views, if game is played according to some pre-defined rules then only it’s a game and that too filled with fun. We all know that what is happening with Indian students in Australia – I think it is not a game. That’s a part of ragging. So if game breaks all the rules then its not a game, it’s a war, I say. If game like ragging forces guys to suicide then such a life-taking should game be avoided altogether.

What you people say on ragging.

Please share your thoughts on ragging ‘Should Ragging be Banned’.

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  1. I don’t like ragging very much. It could cause depression for those who have been bullied.

  2. I agree with you ragging should be banned,it has quite a bit of negative effect in that person’s life undergoing ragging.

  3. I do not think that banning is a solution to any problem. Something should be done inorder to monitor it.

  4. raaging means life destroy children enjoy but each day a student die

  5. Yes, ragging should be banned bcoz its now giving harm to the life of the students but this rubbish game will not be banned by only saying but some prompt action have to be taken towards this problem as soon as possible.As if this will not be stop then our world should be in big trouble bcoz this world depends on the future and we are the future of this world.SO PLZ DO SOMETHING TO ABOLISH THIS STUPID GAME.As this has now become the life taking game.

  6. Think if raging prevails in every step. As for example you go for shoping for first day and shopkeepe rag you. You travel

    in a train an TTI rag you. And think if in every sphere raging is prevailed. Then life will be in hell.

  7. I think in that age it is tha major issue nd it must be stopped bcz now its not a part of game but it is a dangerous tragedy which deppresed the youth .by this depprsin the student lose their career even their life .soorganisation or govt also take a strict step against to stop it so that the innocent student doesn’t take any life taking step of yourself

  8. i am positively with you to stop ragging because sometimes it is worst than a murder,if you murder someone he/she die at the same instant but if you ragg someone he/she die for every moment and all of you should read the article no. 21 which is also against ragging

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