Shiney Ahuja: Bollywood Star Accused of Rape


Shiney Ahuja
Shiney Ahuja


Shiney Ahuja, a name that gained popularity at such a rapid pace as once Barack Obama did. Shiney has been arrested for raping his 19 year old maid. While Shiney denies of it, medical reports conform of his maid’s rape. Even Shiney’s wife Anupama calls him innocent. When police took off Shiney, Anupama was out of country. She flew immediately to Mumbai when news news broke into her ears. As per Anupama, “Shiney is shy and innocent. He is a golden-hearted man. He can’t even dream of this.”

Till Monday evening, Shiney stood third in Google India search. Social Networking sites like Facebook, orkut, MySpace were being bombarded by Shiney’s supporters and anti-supporters. Blogs links of Shiney’s news were hitting Twitter too. Some Indian blogs were referring Shiney as bai-Shiney (bai- a Hindi word meaning maid).

Under Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code, the actor can be punished with imprisonment for seven to ten years.

Even Bollywood personalities like Mahesh Bhatt with whom Shiney has worked treats this news as unbelievable. I don’t know what truth is but I can only say that if Shiney is a sinner, he should be punished and fined.

What you people think of Shiney???

Update on 13 May 2011: The actor has been freed now from the prison and just court-hearings are going on. This happens very rarely that court is hearing the appeals of poor people in India; else it is always on the side of rich persons. The poor just dies going to the court from time to time. The little girl that was raped didn’t sat idle from the day the incident took place and explained it in front of her family and then later to the media. The news once broke all internet records of India and held a prominent place in search. It appeared that Indian people gone mad searching this term.

It was also a shame on part of Celebrities that the workers working in their houses are also not safe.

At first when the news broke out, the hero’s family members including all others who knew him didn’t believe this and said that the person is very shy and can’t even think of doing this. And to give it a real task is far beyond the imagination. His all friends could not believe in the news.

This incident has also affected the actor’s career and directors felt ashamed of his this incident. But its now after so much long time that he is able to persuade the producers to give him movies contracts and he promised to all that he would try his best to be a good human being.

At the time when news came out, many celebs were supporting him and many were against him. The one reason was the rejection from labor class too. Whole low-class families and the ones living below poverty line were criticizing the actor. They all formed groups and raised their voice. This was one of the reasons that the higher authorities listened to the small people request and they had to else it would have been difficult to get votes in the next elections from these low class persons.

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