My saree is stolen – Rakhi Sawant

Bollywood Actress Rakhi Sawant was in New Delhi for the promotion of ‘Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaniyan’ – her new reality show. She arrived in the press conference after around 2 hours from the supposed time. And when the media persons asked her the reason of her coming late, she politely said that some brave guy stole her saree and she was not having anything to wear.

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To this, some frustrated reporters, who were waiting for her from the last 2 hours, asked her that why she didn’t wear any other dress. Her activity has wasted everybody’s time. To this the bold girl replied that how she can come out in front of media wearing anything. She said that it’s not her fault on coming late but then also she is sorry for everything.

But when some media persons asked again the same type of questions regarding her late coming, Rakhi shouted at them and said that they should understand the situation. She is not deliberately late. She critically asked the reporter that if he is ready to offer her his shirt so that he may not get late attending any conference.

Some press persons annoyed her by asking the same type stupid questions.
Rakhi Sawant saree stolen

Ms. Rakhi Sawant also criticized the designers of Delhi for charging 1.5 lakh rupees for one saree. Rakhi said that the designers should have offered it as a gift as she is a big celebrity. She also said that had there been Kareena Kapoor or Katrina Kaif, the designers would have offered the clothes free to them but to her; no one is ready to provide help.

She said that it’s not justification. All the celebrities and bollywood stars should be treated equally. She again said that one and a half lakh rupee for the cloth that she is wearing is too much.

The bollywood actress is going to host ‘Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaniyan’ and for this reality show, the charges for her wardrobe have already crossed 70 lakhs. The producers and organizers of the show never estimated this budget. Along with this, she has also asked for C-String lingerie. The problem with C-String is that it is not available in the Indian Market yet. But Item Girl Ms. Rakhi said that she will not shot until she gets that lingerie. The Item Girl is demanding the C-String in pink, purple and red colors.

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  1. Why waste time on discussing about some one like Rakhi sawant who is doing all this for cheap popularity.

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