A Cockatoo acts as a guard

Animals can prove to be pretty productive, provided they are guided the right way. Well yes there are certain smart animals and birds , who can work in your benefit . What you need to do? Just train them the right way and they will become multipurpose. Animals are blessed with enough intelligence and sometimes they act more intelligent,  then us human beings . A funny incident just took place in Warmick. The lady’s parrot actually took her to the court. Well the story behind this parrot is, that it was taught to abuse.

Warmick cockatoo accaused of abusingNow what exactly happened was that they lady trained this parrot to be abusive towards any neighbors, who intrude in her privacy. Funny and interesting at the same time. The lady behind this achievement is Lynne Taylor. The victims to this bird’s abuses have been Kathleen Melker and Craig Fontaine. Craig is actually Lynne’s ex husband. Now this story sounds more understandable, Lynne is taking out her frustration on Craig through the parrot. See this is smart, she is keeping herself clean, but at the same time avenging the husband. Now this gives many pretty smart ideas. This is quite funny and reveals many aspects of a woman’s personality. The first one mainly being that a woman can forget her ex. She can go to any limit to the extent of training a parrot to abuse. Must say women are definitely more dedicated lovers than a man. She also gives other people ideas, that you don’t always need a gun to fire at your enemy, a parrot can also prove to be a lethal weapon. Just train it the right way and then see the results. Hats off to Lynn. This however sounds very funny, when you hear the story.

The interesting part is that , the parrots have long been known for their capability to mimic and copy perfectly. These birds are very smart, a little training can simply do wonders. However some people use them to satisfy their frustration. Well this is definitely a better approach than killing people you dislike. To be honest Lynn’s approach was a more peaceful, avenge but avenge smartly. The reason being that the opponents must be quite helpless, that too infront of a parrot. You can’t stop a parrot of course. Now I think it is the turn of the opponents to train a pet to counter Lynn. Pet against a pet is definitely a smart war idea.

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