A mum’s new invention

Every mother has  her own ways and standards to raise her kids. However one often comes across certain facts , which sounds pretty funny to the ears. The latest news is about quadruplets in China. Yes people! this news is not about technology  regarding China.  It is about a mum’s invention to identify her kids. Funny, but true. A woman  living in China is blessed with quadruplets. Now it is definitely a difficult task to identify them. However the mother has derived a pretty smart way to identify and differentiate  between them.

woman  living in China is blessed with quadrupletsThe lady has been quite smart, want to know how ? Well she has shaved numbers from 1 to 4 on their heads. The first child has been shaved the number 1, the second child has been shaved the number 2, the third child has been shaved the number 3, whereas the last child has been shaved the number 4. This is quite an innovative way of identifying the kids. Must salute the mother’s imagination and creativity. This ordering of numbers has been given , the order the children were born in. Well it is yet to be deciphered, how the mother would explain her interpretation to the kids, when they grow up. The reason she opted for this approach was, that the teachers were having problems identifying the difference between the kids, so this was a way out for the mother. Now the teachers can definitely read the numbers and point out the children. Even this is an amusing change for the children. Now they have a different identity from the rest of the world, they will be identified by numbers rather than their names. This news is bound to make its way into many newspapers, since it is very strange and funny.

It also gives ideas to other mothers, who have twins, triplets or quadruplets. Identification is no longer an issue for identical children as long as you are ready to shave off their heads and imprint numbers there. However there must have been a better way. Let’s see maybe another mother will invent a new identification criteria. This is a fact, that it  is difficult to identify children who are twins, triplets etc. These children tend to become a puzzling mystery for the world and can even lead to funny situations sometimes. However for a mother the child is never a mystery and she can definitely differentiate between her kids.

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