A Cop who is born to entertain

Now whenever a person thinks about a cop, a very serious thought comes to your mind. One can imagine a cop fighting crime. A Cop can be imagined  catching thieves and chasing thieves.  A traffic Cop can be imagined handling serious traffic situations. However it is hard to believe that a cop can even entertain.  Yes people  it is true a cop can entertain. That too in a kind of funny way, that you are bound to wait and see, what actually has got wrong with him. Don’t believe me read below.

A Cop who is born to entertainCharlotte, North Carolina  became a platform of entertainment, when a traffic cop suddenly started to do pretty interesting  dance moves, while controlling the traffic. This definitely amazed the pedestrians, who had to stop and definitely stare at the strange event. This person was from the SWAT department . His traffic controlling was a temporary assignment. However he definitely made headlines. Just became a star in one day. This funny incident happened around the Democratic National Convention. This reveals one more fact that cops have an additional capability to entertain. It also raises another point, that no matter how tough one’s profession is he/she can still retain their sense of humor. At least this what this cop proved. The job of a traffic cop is so stressful, that I feel it is really hard for them to manage the stress. A little smile and laughter is definitely a good relief.  He has definitely set an interesting set of standards for other cops. His message seems to be manage your job with good will and humor. The traffic also must have been delighted to have some relief from everyday tensions. I think this cop is in for more traffic assignments, since now the department has discovered, that he has more potentials.

The department of police whether it is crime or traffic is very crucial. The worst part is that it is a thankless job . It is hard to  achieve the goodwill of people in this department. However  if one  performs his duty well  he can definitely get some applaud. Now if you are a good entertainer you are bound to get more applaud than expected . This is something, that this cop has proved.  Man he is everywhere on all the news channels. Now this is called a magical way of achieving stardom. Just a few dance moves and the world is after to you . Thumbs up cop.

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