Hilarious Reality oldest twins in the world

It is a very strange thing , but whenever we  talk about twins, a very cute perception hits the mind. One can never imagine that the concept of twins can be funny. You can imagine twin babies, twin sisters , twin brothers, but never can one imagine twin old ladies. This is quite a funny and a startling fact . Yes people we are about to raise the curtain from the funniest reality of the world.

Ena and Lily
Ena and Lily

The world’s oldest twins have been discovered. Two old ladies named Ena and Lily are the oldest twins in the world.

These ladies just celebrated their 102 birthday. The ladies were pretty inclined to spend their special day together. Such a long life definitely needs a celebration. Must say life gave them ample opportunity to do what they wanted. Ena Pugh and Lily  Millward came into this world together on 4th January 1910. They have always made it a point to share their big day together. However the old age did bring its gifts. Lily broke her hip bone and had to be admitted in the hospital. However this incident was forgotten the moment, Ena made her birthday wish to her. Who would remember a broken hip, if one has a great birthday. Now that’s the spirit Lily. Lily has definitely proved to be a brave young girl. Their Guinness World Record entry was a great birthday gift for the ladies, on behalf of their families. Now this is called sheer good luck, finding entry in the Guinness World Record at a life’s fag end. According to Lily’s daughter she was in high spirits even in the hospital. Well she definitely should be , after all she is a star mom at 102. A broken hip can recover anytime, right Lily. The old age however has set it’s drawbacks on the old ladies. They are both hard of hearing. Nevertheless they both accept that they enjoy talking to each other. One might wonder what they enjoy, when they actually cannot hear anything. Well it might be the facial expressions. Funny but true. This is actually called valueing life.

In fact the twins  have revealed that the secret to their long life is , that they believe in remaining happy. Great going ladies. I wish we all had this approach. If we had this happy go lucky perception, I think all the doctors would lose their job. Who would care to fall sick, if everything could be taken so lightly.

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