The person who spent all his life making a family

Now everyone needs a family to be a happy and contended. In fact family holds a very important place in everyone’s life. Great moments are cherished together . At the same time problems are also shared with one another. However some people change these emotional aspects to completely  ridiculous aspects . Don’t believe me , then you will have to just read on . Ziona Chana is one such guy , who has spent the life a bit differently than the rest of us. Ziona Chana has the largest family in the world. Mr. Chana seems to be a true family man.

Ziona Chana married 29 womenThe guy actually married 39 times. The strangest part is how he could maintain 39 relationships?  It seems marrying has been his hobby. Another question how in this era of financial crunches could Mr. Chana support so many families. Great dynamics Mr. Chana. From those 39 wives, here is the list of Mr. Chana’s achievements. He is blessed with 94 children . Obviously those 94 got married as well. The sons could get him 14 daughter-in-laws. Ultimately  the result 33 grandchildren. Now such a huge family requires a huge residential area, but it seems Ziona has a solution for everything . After all where there is a will, there is  a way. The huge family lives in a village in the Mizoram state of India. Well they have a hundred room house. The funniest part is that Ziona feels, that he is a gifted person to have such a huge family. I wish anyone could make him realize, why he has  kept so many liabilities on his shoulders. Now that is what we call a positive perception. Since Ziona has a huge battalion at home , he maintains the house in the manner of military . The household charge lies in the hand of one of his wives Zathiangi . She is the oldest, so this a great honor for her to be heading the other folks. Such a huge family has a lot of stomachs to feed. Man they need 30 chickens a day along with 132 lb of potatoes. Yes rice is also included and the quanity is 220 lb.

Well  Ziona can be called as a true  family man. Let’s see whether his family making continues or he brings a hault to this activity . This only time will tell, since he had a positive experience with life so far.


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