The lucky python, who gets a health checkup

Time is changing fast. Strange and funny things happen in the world every day. It is quite hilarious, that these people do not get medical facilities so easily, but let me tell you , animals do. Every day there are people retaliating on the streets , saying that countries like Africa need food and aid. Countries like US are running to give aid to these countries. In this world of today where people are dying of hunger. Animals are being treated as celebrities. It is true that all European countries really value the lives of animals. They in fact take a lot  pain for these animals.

The lucky python, who gets a health checkupThe reason being, that these countries have developed respect for life, whether it is humans or animals. This perhaps is true humanity. There are a still a few countries, where the leader’s party and the people starve. Recently a 23 ft python was taken for a checkup  at Chester zoo. Man no one dared to ignore the health of this celebrity and he was immediately taken  for a checkup. The interesting part is that in this process, there was a threat to human life, but no one bothered about that. The python could have actually bit the people taking him for the checkup. This can also be called as the dedication level of the people at the Zoo. I wish everyone has this dedication level and this world would become a better place to live. However it is hard to make all the dreams come true. It took six people to carry the python for the heart ultrasound. It seems, these people spent a lifetime on the snake. Actually these snakes are the participants of a cardiolological study. See I told you this snake is definitely not ordinary.

It is time, that our people should start to value human life as much as we value the lives of these animals. It might be a possibility, that a person needing a heart checkup may wait his entire life, because he might not be able to afford a heart ultrasound. On the contrary a snake can. A poor person, suffering from a heart problem might be envying the snake, that it was getting so much attention. If this level of attention is given to human life, starvation and poverty would be issues of the past. It is time we humans define our approach towards life and give everyone their due share.

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  1. salma n sir muje bas aap se milna hia kya aap meari etni si khwaes purani kar

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