Eating Obsession – A Burger of Tons

There are many people in the world, for whom eating is about everything. All that they can think of is food, whenever they are awake or asleep. It would be correct, that some people just live to eat. Eating is the ultimate goal of their life. Life is meaningless for them without food. These folks can stay away from general wild thoughts, since their  mind is so much focused on food. That is what we call as true dedication. Food Addicts have one motto in life “ The beauty of life lies in the desire to eat.” Interesting, but true.

10 ton burgerAnother strange fact is, that addictive eaters  are not even afraid to gain a lot of weight. Their desire to eat counters their will, to remain healthy and smart. Should  I call this nice or weird is a question ? Coming to an interesting update.  Well  a person in Minnesota  preferred to eat a 10 ton burger. God knows how he could accommodate so much. However where there is a will, there is a will. This person totally acted upon this quote. Well, this burger was served at Black Bear Casino Resort. The chefs must have spent their whole day making this burger. Must say even they have exemplary dedication. The following are the ingredients of the king size burger to satisfy a huge appetite 50lb lettuce  60lb bacon, 40lb pickles, 40lb cheese, 50lb of sliced onions. Now a fact, which will make your heart pound faster. Well this burger had a total of 4.1 million calories. I think this meal is enough for the guy’s whole lifetime. I need to wonder, where he had the capacity to accommodate so much. This would definitely make a lot many eyebrows rise up. Now this  does not sound normal to be eating this much.

Well such weird and funny things are becoming pretty common these day. Well America should make a healthy diet chart for such people. All dieticians in America  need to wake up. Well even some excellent counseling will do. Maybe this guy plans to visit the grave  a bit early, but another issue would be how in the world people will even carry him, when he dies. On a serious note I think this person needs to be given a piece of mind. Otherwise one day his love for the burger might land him in a grave. I don’t think, he would want that at any cost. The reason, he might want another burger.

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