Some Funny and Weird ideas for making your Halloween a memorable one

Every one of us has a child inside us and that silly child may come out in different occasional fevers and one of the most amazing seasons for expressing our inner child is the Halloween. Yes, all of us awaits this exciting occasion in which everyone dress up in a different but weird way for enjoying and having fun with each other. I have utilized some of the funniest and amazing costume ideas in Halloween and today I want to share those funny costume ideas with you people, so that you can also have great time and fun with your loved ones on this fun filled occasion.

I remember when I was 18, I tried the silly chicken costume on Halloween and my friends didn’t recognize me in that funny get up. I was a memorable night and believe me it was too much hilarious. You must try this get up on this Halloween and come along a big and fatty costume bash. You can also annoy your buddies being a huge and big chicken and can have a lot of fun. You can also plan this chick costume with your group if buddies and just image for a while what will happen when you along with all your buddies would come in the Halloween party wearing those funny and weird chick costumes. Oh! Definitely it would be great.


Another very funny and exciting idea which you can try is the get up of a fork and a spoon. Yes, I am not joking! If you are going with your partner on a Halloween party then ask your partner to get up in a big spongy spoon costume and you must wear a fluffy fork costume. It would be very fun filled and I am sure that your partner would also be very excited to hear this funny idea. (I am telling you this one because I too have tried the same one and we were successful to be the center of attraction of attention that night).

Have you ever thought of being an extra giant bird on Halloween? No? Then try this one on this upcoming Halloween and I can guarantee you that you will experience the most hilarious Halloween of your life. You can dress in a big flamingo costume and can become a fatty huge bird with big feathers. You can tease your buddies and can have great fun with strange voices too. It will work surely.


The costume of a double personality is also another very fun filled and great idea for making your Halloween a very funny to remember. You can have a funny costume whose one side is of a man and the other one of women. I think you can catch the attention of the whole party in this way. So, all these costume ideas can make your Halloween a very funny and memorable one. you can try all these ideas on this Halloween and I can give you guarantee that you will have a very funny time.

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