The Impudent Neighbour

The Hill Station:
We visit the hilly stations every year during our summer vacations. And stay there for about 10 to 15 days, relax in the calm and serene environment, leaving behind all the worries of the world. Same was the case this year when we visited a very farfetched area where we had never been before. The stay was absolutely superb and we enjoyed every moment there. However after two weeks of stay at such a remarkable place we finally had to return to our abode.

New Neighbours:
On reaching back our home we soon realized that our neighbouring house that had been vacant vacant for about a month or so had been occupied by someone in our absence. We were thrilled to meet our new neighbours and hoped they would be as friendly as the previous ones and would help us in the hour of need. Anyhow that day we were too tired due to the long journey on our way back and decided not to say hello to our neighbours and postponed the meeting plan to the next day.

The Mischievous Acts:
The next day however we realized that someone had turned on their stereo system at full volume at 6am. That was quite upsetting as the people normally in our locality take care of others and never bother teasing anyone with such acts, soon we realized that it was the new neighbour. My brother went to inform them how unpleasant it was for all others as it was no time to play music this loud. He didn’t play any heed to which and never bothered to turn it off.

The very next day this family brought in their dog that they put it a kennel in the lawn outside their house , it was a ferocious animal. The huge sized dog terrified every child because in our locality we don’t have walls outside the houses. There are open lawns and pavements  in the front. Many families complained about this but these new neighbours of ours always used to reply with the same answer ‘It is a tame animal and would never hurt anyone, ever’.

The situation grew even worse when this new family started throwing litter in front of their house but no one complained any further as all had realized that it too will go in vain as they won’t pay any attention, so the people in spite of the fact that they severely disliked this new family never complained any further.

The Sad Incident:
However last Saturday they decided to wash their car in the front pavement portion. The excessive misuse of water soon created a pond in the front street but they didn’t care about it. There were bubbles of soap and surf all around which they were using to wash their car. The presence of water and surf did however play its role and made the surface slippery. This family however didn’t care for that too and kept doing their work but soon afterwards the head of their family slipped due to this and fell on the concreted pavement which hurt him severely and he had to be taken to the local hospital in an ambulance.


The Nice Ending:
All the grownups from the locality visited him in the hospital later on, where he informed my parents that he had been doing all this because he got infuriated that we didn’t come to say hello to him on the day we arrived back home from the hill station. At first all the people were astonished at this but later on everyone found it a nice reason to laugh a lot. The overall atmosphere of the hospital room became quite pleasant after this.

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