Male Criminal Who Become Women Behind Bars

Geoffrey was on a deadly rampage in a country sheep location. His girl rejected him and so, he killed her. This act led Geoffrey to murder 2 other people and leading to quadriplegic of a youngster. After some gap of years, Geoffrey started to adorn the makeup of a woman and named himself as Michelle.

Male Criminal Who Become Women Behind Bars

Below is another Male criminal story:
26 year old Madison Hall, the tattooed drug merchant was living with his wife in the southwestern part of Sydney. Once when he was on the roads to deliver drugs, he picked Lyn Saunders, who was 28 and gave him a lift. Both of them had an argument which led to Hall murdering Saunders by shooting in his mouth and then on his back. This crime led him to be sentenced to 22 years. While he was in jail, he started to dress as a woman and started to harm himself. After some time, he started complaining to jail-authorities that he is a lady and is been trapped in the body of man.

One another man-criminal:
Nicole Louise Pearce, who was born as Paul Luckman got a job in the army when he was only 17-years of age. He was employed at the army barracks in Enoggera. He got himself into a relationship with Robin Reid. Both of them had the same interests and they were interested in homosexuality, Satanism, weapons, violence etc. One day both friends went out for a drive on the Pacific highway where they picked up two school kids and tortured them to death. Both the army men were sentenced to 24 years of imprisonment. It was here that Luckman took up a female hormone treatment and named himself as Nicole Louise Pearce.

A forensic psychologist stated that the inmates who transformed their gender actually wanted to take up a new identity so that they could leave behind their characters which they themselves did not like. This way they tried to change their lives so as to become good people.

When a person is actually trapped in the body of a male, he may get angry, aggressive and nasty and as soon as they transform themselves, they turn into new leaves. Such persons think that they are relieved now as they got rid of their aggressive character. Together with the biochemical modifications in their sex-organs and other changes such as the containment of male hormones (androgens) brings about a fairly influential alteration. Sometimes these people leave their previous behavior and characters completely.

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