Funny Atm Steps of Boys and Girls while taking money

We are showing you here the steps that boys and girls follow to retrieve the money from ATMs. These are the true steps that both male and female follow. We have mentioned the steps followed by each one. The series of steps are funny but yet true. You will have a good laugh after reading the below steps. Especially for men, this article is ready to give good laugh. If you are a boy then you will laugh on learning that how girls take their money out from the ATMs. If you are a girl and have a good sense of humor then also you will love the post below and will enjoy a good laugh.

If you are a boy then you can apply this formula on your girl-friend. Take her to any ATM machine so that she withdraws the money from the machine. You can take her in the car so that you are not driving the car but sitting on the adjacent seat. Let her drive the car and ask her to take you to any ATM machine as you need to withdraw some money. When you reach there, tell her that you have forgotten your card and now, she need to take the money out from her account. Pass her a smile so that she does not mind this activity. Then record the steps that she follows. If your girlfriend is following exactly the same steps as are mentioned below then show her this post and share some laughing moments with her.

Funny Atm girls steps

Girls taking money from ATM

1. The first step is that they take their car near the machine.

2. The silly mistake that they do always is to take the car some steps ahead of the machine and then they reverse their car to make it at correct place.

3. Put the car-window down.

4. Take out the big purse.

5. Take out all the materials from the bag including the card.

6. Search for the card in the materials.

7. Call some close friend (probably their boy-friend) and tell him that she is near any bank and soon will leave from there. Actually, what they want is that their partner asks them not to take money out and they will bear their all expenses.

8. Put the card in the machine.

9. At the first attempt, they are unable to insert the card.

10. Then they open the door, come out of their car and go near the machine.

11. Now, they insert the card again.

12. Before entering amount, they think twice on the amount that they have to enter.

13. Enter the amount.

14. Press ‘Cancel’ key.

15. Enter amount again.

16. See their face in the mirror.

17. Get the cash.

18. Collect the receipt.

19. Get the card.

20. Drive forward.

21. Drive back.

22. Give an irritating smile to vehicle driver waiting for his turn.

23. Drive forward and give a break near cash machine.

24. Drive fastly to their destination.

On the contrary, the procedure followed by men is very simple.

Boys taking money from ATM

1. Drive to the money machine.

2. Put the window of the car down.

3. Insert the card into the machine.

4. Enter amount to withdraw.

5. Take cash and card.

6. Drive back.

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