Research Shows a Maxi Pad is more advanced than an iPad

Technology has gone so advanced and we see every day a new gadget coming to the market. There was a time when PDA was the most advanced devices for a common user but now we have gone beyond. A revolution came in the market when Apple introduced iPhones and iPads after the success of iPods. Well these were highly technological gadgets built on very advanced technology. No other company could beat them.

Finally a research was done by an independent source which proved that iPad is not yet advanced enough to even beat a Maxi Pad. iPad is way behind than a Maxi Pad from various features. They proved it by giving very simple and common logics that no one can deny and even you won’t. In research hundreds of volunteers taken part and finally proved that Maxi Pad is much better than iPad.

Various questions came to mind when the news was broke out and hundreds of eyes were on the results of this strange research. Well results were same and Maxi Pad was proved advanced in technology than any iPhone, iPad version. The researchers even claimed that Apple won’t be able to beat a Maxi Pad in technology even after decades and their claim seems to be true as well.

Here definitely we will share some part of the research so you may know the logics, features and the reasons which put an iPad so behind. You will be amazed to know that how such a big company can ignore such amazing features while designing world’s best gadgets for the consumers.

Amazing facts the Research Revealed

Here’s what you want to read out about Maxi Pad vs. iPad:

The research took very common features. Few of these you can see in the image below.

iPad and Maxi Pad, both don’t have a keyboard.

They both don’t support multitasking.

Both don’t have USB.

Webcam is not available in iPad and Maxi Pad.

You can’t watch Flash Video including Flash Porn Videos in iPad and Maxi Pad.

Memory can’t be expanded in both.

Well these were the features which both were lacking. But now you will read about the amazing features where Maxi Pad beaten an iPad.

Maxi Pad can absorb and continue working perfectly even for eight hours while liquid is put over it and on the other hand iPad stops working when liquid is pour over it.

An iPad has single Firewall while a Maxi Pad is protected by a couple of Side Walls.

Maxi Pad is ultra thin while iPad still have some millimeters height.

Well there were few more points by which researcher proved that Maxi Pad is better than an iPad. Hope you agree with all the points.

iPad VS Maxi Pad
iPad VS Maxi Pad

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