Girls Prefer Dogs To Man

Do you keep dogs as pets or want to keep them? Or just do you have love for this pet animal? Well, don’t know if you love dogs or not but your girl-friend yes.

Yes, as per the recent survey conducted, ladies prefer dogs more to men, means that your girl loves her dog more than you. Surprised 🙂

Richard Durant, the owner of Sydney Petcare said that in Australia many of the ladies prefer to live with their pet dogs rather than with their husband or boy-friend.

Richard explained his wordings that last year, around 60% percent of dogs were purchased by single status ladies. These women are ones who live busy lives and are single. They haven’t married and want to live single forever.

Some of these women do jobs in companies or own private firms. When they return home in the evening from their offices, they want someone’s company. And instead of man, dog proves friendlier partner to them. Some of these even take the dogs in their bedrooms and sleep with them. South Wales President Dr. Peter Higgins also approved these comments.

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He further added that in Australia, mostly the working ladies purchase this four-legged animal and they trust it more as compared to any human being.

Girls Prefer Dogs To Man
Girl With Dog

The four-legged animal is more funny, reliable, handsome and trustworthy than the two-legged husband, according to them.

Further keeping dog increases the safety level also. It protects you from any stranger and can prove a good attacker in case of any need. It can bite your any enemy, if need arises.

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