Electric Man – Slavisa Pajkic from Serbia

Are you afraid of electricity and being caught by it and want to stay away from it always. I know the answer is yes and obviously it should be. Touching it can be dangerous for anyone. Even some voltages of current can prove very harmful for any living being.

But you would be surprised to know that there’s a man, that can bear the electric current on his body as much as 20,000 volts. Yes, it is twenty thousand volts.

You might have seen such men in children shows but there’s a real man that claims to be Electric Man.

Slavisa Pajkic from Serbia is the person who plays with the electric power. This Electric Man is popularly known by the name of ‘Battery Man’ among his friends. Pajkic lives in Pozarevac county of Serbia.

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He discovered his exceptional ability to withstand so high voltages at the age of 17.

Also known by Biba, he says that the electricity is his friend. Infact, he is its only friend.

50 volts higher voltages can cause the dangerous levels of electricity flow in the human body except for Slavisa Pajkic body.
Battery Electric Man Slavisa Pajkic

He first got his name registered in Guinness Book Of World Records in 1983 when he withstood 20k Volts and that too without any pain.

He also made another record when he heated water in a cup to 97 degree Celsius in 1 minute 37 seconds.

Pajkic says that he is a conductor, an insulator, a heater, an accumulator. He can convert its body to any of these types depending on the condition.

He usually lights a bulb with his body electro power.

Scientists are unable to find the real strength of this Electro Man as how he is so different from normal humans.

Some scientists say that Slavisa has no salivary and sweat glands and so the current is unable to pass though his body.

Infact, it passes on the outside skin of his body. The skin then acts as a Natural Insulator. They further say that this exceptional capability can be due to the genetic effect.

This Electro Man wants to add his name one more time in the Guinness Records Book. He wants to charge a Power generator of million volts by his body. He also wants to shoot the laser through his fingers.

This Electro Man uses his natural power to cure people suffering from sinus, migraine and back problems.

The Battery Man is featured on numerous TV shows till now and he wants to be more famous now.

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