Save electricity through Wattson – New Year Innovation

Save Electricity by WattsonThis year everybody has resolutions. Somebody has for good health, some for stable wealth, and others for smart-working future. You might see people planting trees, using recyclable bags and halogen lights in place of the regular bulbs.

We are heading towards an era where all the resources are consumed at a much faster rate than they are produced. And it is our sole responsibility to take care of our planet.

In this race DIY Kyoto team from London has created Wattson 01. It is a unique kind of gadget that tells you the amount of Domestic Electricity being consumed at a given point of time by itself or on your Windows/MAC based computer. As it has a USB port on it and a Software CD to install.

The gadget is calibrated in such a way that it shows numbers on the top as well the colours for visual feedback to express the utilization of electricity. Cool Blue goes for low energy consumption and red goes for warning for high use. Wherein an average consumption is denoted by Pinkish- Purple colour.

Now, you will be curious to know from where this thing gets power. It comes with the in-built rechargeable batteries, which has an average life span of 3 months and yes it depends on the display mode selected. It indicates the low battery warning when batteries are lasting.

A transmitter has to be connected to the main power source in the house. Wattson 01 should be placed in a range up to 100meters in air and 30meters through building.

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