Taliban Fighter Doing Sex With Donkey Video Clipping

A video clip that shows that a Taliban fighter is doing sex with a donkey is becoming very popular.

The video clip was being circulated by 4 of Virgin Atlantic employees. They sent the video clipping to almost all IT people of Gatwick Airport, based at West Sussex. The complete IT Department got the porn clipping in their emails and saw it on their office computers.

Actually, the clipping was sent by mistake to the entire IT department of the airline by David Armstrong.

Proving harder in this matter, the airline has fired its all those four workers. It said that to circulate porn and sex in this way is against the policies of the company and it is of zero tolerance. The management team said that the employees have broken the rules and regulations of the organization listed under Obscene Publications Act. So, they had to ask the employees to leave their company.

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When David Armstrong accidently clicked the IT Deptt email address and the footage landed in everone’s inbox, the higher management were alerted. David works as a turnaround coordinator.

Taliban Fighter Donkey Sex
Donkey Sex

Last April, he along with three others were sacked for misconduct and warned that they have broken the company’s Obscene Publications Act Policy.

But all the charged said that the airline should not fire them in this way because the senior most staff of Virgin Atlantic almost send such porn emails daily to the staff workers. And if they had sent, then there’s nothing wrong in it.

The video footage is believed to have been made in Afghanistan by Special Forces of United States of America.

It had the caption as like – What Taliban do when they are free and are not making any explosives.

Virgin Atlantic is owned and run by Sir Richard Branson, a billionaire.

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