Google+ and Plus-One to degrade Facebook Publicity

Google is all set to lower down the facebook publicity and instead it, wants to dig the roots of its newly launched Plus-One service.

The aim of this Internet giant was clear when it put off its Buzz and Wave but unfortunately, both of these failed. Initially, all website owners and bloggers placed the buzz buttons on their sites. The WordPress developers quickly made the new plugins to cater this need but buzz was unable to attract the audiences and soon it lost its position even on websites. Not popular but the fresh blogs also began discarding it and started removing the social networking button from their sites.

The popularity of facebook stood as it was before but instead it grew from this G’s step as it became clear that no one can compete FB as biggest search company also failed to degrade it. It was assumed that the biggest social networking channel is in the veins of peoples and it can’t be dejected.

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But Google is again back to give fb a tough competition and this time it has launched its +1 web app. But this time, it seems to be confident as it is making clear that the pages and articles that would be shared on +1 service will get preference instead of any other web-service sharing.

Vic Gundotra, the chief executive of the company said that the human beings are losing the taste of online sharing and the search-algorithms can’t be written based on these social-networking channels. Instead, there should be real-life interaction as is done by +1. It is clear from such statements that if one wants to rank good, he/she should have his posts indexed by Plus-One.


GooglePlus degrading Facebook Publicity

Plus 1 is termed as real-life interaction as unlike the online sharing tools, one user can +one any article and url only once throughout his account lifespan. So, any owner / holder of that particular blog cannot spam the interaction. It would be real as if number of +1s will increase, it will become obvious that more and more humans are liking it and further if they lose interest in that post, they can -1 also, means de+1 also, i.e., remove the post from their accounts permanently. If more and more users are removing it from their accounts, it would be clear that something is wrong and Big G should degrade its ranking. No doubt that if they again develop their interest, they can again add it and the algorithm will see that if more users are adding it then it’s a good point and will rank it higher.

The company has also launched the Google+ which is also a direct attack on Facebook. But it has not been rolled out globally yet. It is available in beta edition and that too limited.

Google+ is more of an improved face-book version and the idea is revolving around and in the Circles. You can add your friends; can create groups in these circles. It is soon going to add Sparks, which is similar to business rival’s like functionality. The big G is also more concerned over the security of peoples and will see its best to cater this need. It’s also true that millions trust the G for its any of the products.

When on one side, Orkut has failed to attract the audiences inspite of all the efforts and is losing its craze then the company needs some new service to attract the audiences world-wide and it can do this based on its most powerful tool Search Engine, that no one can degrade.

Google+ In Action Video

Check the below video describing Google-Plus

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