High Speed Internet on Mobiles

Internet is the most essential thing for everyone in today’s time. Even those who don’t have time to work on PC, they also use the internet on their mobiles. But mobile internet customers were facing the problem of slow working internet on their mobile phones. So keeping this issue in mind, now Mozilla, the world’s second-largest browser company, has launched its new version of Firefox especially for mobile internet users. The company is ensuring that this will completely change the online world. It is great news for those persons who access the internet on their smartphones. With the new version (Beta 4) of Mozilla Firefox, now cellphone internet users can access the internet on their mobiles as fast as one can access on the computer. Mozilla launched Mobile Version of Firefox Browser However, its Beta 4 version will work only on the phones with Mimo and Android operating system but according to the company, they are soon going to launch the version which will work with every type of operating system and on any kind of mobile. The other feature of this new version is that you can operate it in only 9 seconds on your phone. However if you are using Firefox Beta 4 with some other applications, it can be extended to maximum of 15 seconds only. According to the company, 15 seconds is maximum time and it will not exceed from it.

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