Google search cost a man Rs.43,50,000

Jay Processors is a chemical factory in Ankleshwar, Gujarat. The firm is operated from Plot No. 5732, GIDC, Ankleshwar, Gujarat. The factory uses Calcium Nitrate as a raw material. The firm manufactures chemicals for glass factory. The factory owner Vishnubhai used to purchase Calcium Nitrate from Maharashtra (Indian state) at the rate of Rs. 25/kg.

One day while Vishnubhai was googling, he got a China based firm Jingtai Tinen (can be typo in spellings) Chemical Product Company that claimed him to supply cheaper Calcium Nitrate to him. They told him that they can supply him the chemical at Rs 15/kg.

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Since Vishnubhai was saving Rs. 10/kg in this deal, he acted as a smart businessman and placed an order of 200 tones.
The Chinese firm first dispatched the consignment, and then asked for payments. Vishnubhai sent US $66,600(Rs. 30 lakh) to that China’s firm.

When his consignment arrived at airport in India, Vishnubhai also paid Rs. 13,50,000 as Custom and Excise taxes. Thus 200 tones Calcium Nitrate cost to him as Rs. 43,50,000.

But, when Vishnubhai opened the bags, he felt shocked because the bags contained no Calcium Nitrate but were filled with white dust. When he contacted that Chinese company, initially the company did not respond well and later on, ignored him all-together.

When he tried to lodge complaint in GIDC Ankleshwar police station, the police was in a dilemma about registering his complaint as the origin of crime was China and not Gujarat or India. Later on intervention of higher officials, police lodged the complaint against that China’s company.

Vishnubhai, seeming helpless now, invited media to tell his story with motive to aware others about such fraudulent China companies.

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