Money – Prosperity – Reputation Hunger — When this battle will end

Yesterday Google declared on its blog that Big Microsoft is stealing its search algorithms for its own search engine Bing. I was wondering that why Microsoft is doing all this.

Does Microsoft in shortage of any resources?
Does it lack money?
Is Microsoft less popular than Google?

No doubt, Google search covers almost whole globe but Microsoft has its other services doing well. Nobody can compete the users of Windows. Then why just to prove Bing’s superiority over Google or to make Bing best than google, does Microsoft also forget the web standards and came on cheating, stealing.

If a person steals something from any house in the night, we call him as a thief. But what we would call as Microsoft then. It’s really a shame on the Windows copyright holder. Whether the man in prison is accused or not, Police beats him in jail. He can’t do anything but what about these Big Guys. These people / companies should be our mentors.

But yes, Microsoft is denying the accusations claimed by Big G. I will really feel ashamed if the accusations prove true.

Previously, Ramalinga Raju of Satyam was found in cheating with Satyam’s share-holders. At one moment, all employees of Satyam’s fortune were hanging in-between. We also know that huge Indian black money is in Swiss Banks. People don’t get food to eat in India. They die because they don’t have some paisas (cents) to buy something from which they can nail down their hunger. What’s the use of that money that can’t give someone the food to survive? I don’t know what those Swiss Accounts holder will do with that black money. How they can benefit from that money?

Sometimes, I ask myself what’s the use of that Swiss money. That money is of no use to anyone because their owners are having that money in excess. That will not benefit to them and they are not spending that money on any other person also. If they at least expend it on the poor, he will give blessings to him. One they the owner will die and the money will be in Swiss Banks pockets. So, at least should utilize that money on improving the poverty of the countries.

I don’t know when this Money – Prosperity – Reputation Hunger battle will come to an end.

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