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Due to Mobile Portability in India, the competition is now in full speed between the mobile companies. With the fear of losing their customers and to get more and more new customers, mobile service providing companies are coming with new plans every day.

Recently, Mukesh Ambani’s company Reliance has launched a new service for its customers. The new service is related to jobs and the name given to this service is “Job Search on Voice”.

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According to the company, it is the first time when any mobile phone operator is providing such type of facility to its customers. Reliance is claiming that this service will be very useful for its users. Apart from the normal users, the service will prove beneficial for the recruiters as well as for those who are searching for new jobs or want to change their existing ones.

Dream Job

To avail this service, users just have to dial a special number which Reliance will provide on the day when the people will register for this new facility. By dialing this number, recruiters would be able to listen around one hundred cell numbers of different candidates’ resumes. And those candidates who are seeking jobs will also get updates about the current and new vacancies in the different companies.

This facility will mainly focus on the sectors of IT, Manufacturing, BPO and Banking.

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