Reliance Announced to Launch 3G Service

After launching 3G Service by Tata Docomo, Reliance Telecommunication (RCOM) of Anil Ambani has announced to launch its 3G (Third Generation) mobile service in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chandigarh from Monday. Rcom is providing this service in 4 circles but soon it will start to give its 3G service in 13 circles and this will be probably by the end of March 2011.

RCOM is first private company to provide 3G service in Delhi. MTNL is only public sector company which is already giving 3G service to its customers in Delhi.

How to use Reliance 3G service in Mobile
It is very simple to use Reliance 3G service. For this, there is no need to take any other connection from the company. You can use your existing sim card to avail this service in your mobile. You just need a 3G capable handset to use this facility. If there is an option to use this Third Generation in your mobile phone then you just have to request for this Third Generation facility. First you need to select an appropriate plan since reliance is also providing different plans for its customers.

Cost of Data Card
The cost of Data Card with speed of 7.2 Mbps is Rupees 2599 and Rupees 4499 for 21 Mbps speed Data Card.

Charges to use 3G service for Post Paid Customers
3G facility from RCOM is available in different plans which one can easily understand. Post paid customers can select the range starting from Rupees 199 to 2499. The details are as given below::
1. In 199 plan, one will get 300 minutes to talk and 50 SMS and also 50 MB data to use.
2. By paying Rupees 499, Post paid customers will get 1000 Minutes to talk and 600 SMS. Along with this, they will also get the facility of 100 MB data to use.
3. In Rupees 2499, you will get 6000 minutes to talk, 600 SMS and upto 5 GB data to use.

Reliance 3G Mobiel Service

Charges to use 3G service for Pre Paid Customers
Reliance 3-G service is not only for Post Paid users but also for Pre Paid customers as well. Like Postpaid, Pre-Paid customers can also select from any of the available plans to use this facility. The plan selected can be according to the persons’ requirements. The range in Pre paid connection starts from Rs. 299 to 699. The charges and plans are given below::
1). In Rupees 299, one will get 300 minutes to talk and 100 free SMS. This plan also includes data of 200 MB.
2). By paying 699 INR, the customers will get 600 minutes to talk with 600 SMS. They will also enjoy 500 MB data to use.

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