Indian Team Cricket Schedule 2011

India Cricket Schedule 2011

Hockey is the national game of India but in India, most of the people like to watch only Cricket. The one reason for this might be the busy Indian cricket schedule than any other sports in the country. Even after world cup, Indian cricketers will not get time to spend with their family members.

The world cup 2011 will come up to end in the starting of April. Just after that, the cricketers will have to take part in IPL 4. And also before World cup, Indian cricketers will have to make tour of South Africa where the team will play 3 tests and 5 One Day International matches.

It was a busy schedule for Indian Cricket in the last two years but we can say that the coming year 2011 will be the busiest year for team India. Everyone is eagerly waiting for World Cup 2011 and no doubt that each player would have to make him strong not only from physically but also mentally for this tournament.

The South Africa tour will go for near about 1.5 months and just after that, the 10th World Cup will take place. You can also see ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Schedule in one of our posts. This World Cup will also go for near about 1.5 months. Just after six days of end of this big tournament, IPL 4 will take place. And after that West Indies tour, England Tour, Champion League, Australia Tour and many more matches for Team India are in pipeline. All this mean that Indian Cricketers have no time for their family or relatives. They don’t have any time even for themselves also.

2011 Cricket Schedule for Team India

1). 16 December to 23 January:: India tour of South Africa to play 3 Tests and 5 ODI International Matches.
2). 19 Feb to 2 April 2011:: World Cup Cricket Tournament, a multi country ODI tournament.
3). 8 April to May:: Indian Premier League, season 4, 2011
4). 4 June to 11 July:: West Indies Tour for Indian Cricket Team to play 3 Test, 5 ODI and one T20 Match.
5). 21 July to 16 Sep:: England Tour of India where India will have to play 3 Test, 5 ODI and one T20 Match.
6). Sep to Oct 2011:: Champion League in which top 3 teams of IPL 4 will take place.
7). Oct-Nov 2011:: 5 ODI and one T20 Match between India and England in India.
8. November 2011:: 3 Tests and 5 ODI International Matches between West Indies and Team India.
9). December 2011:: To play Tri Series, the team will go to Australia.

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