Thank You Movie Review

Anees Bazmee’s recent movie ‘No Problem’ and ‘Patiala House’ did not go well. But ‘Welcome’ was a blockbuster, both for Anees and Akshay Kumar. Anees is back again with his new coming ‘Thank You’.

In Bollywood movie ‘Thank You’, we have Akshay Kumar (Kishan), Bobby Deol (Raj), Irfan Khan (Vikram), Sunil Shetty (Yogi), Sonam Kapoor (Sanjana), Rimi Sen and Celina Jaitley (Maya).

Comedy Movie ‘Thank You’ is a story of 3 friends: Yogi, Raj and Vikram. All the 3 friends are womanizers, and Yogi is already caught by his wife Maya with the help of Kishan, who plays the role of detective in this movie. Raj’s wife Sanjana also starts suspecting his husband, and so Maya asks Kishan to help her friend Sanjana too.

But when Kishan see Sanjana, he falls in one-sided love with her. And then he plans an unpleasant or disastrous destiny for Raj and all his friends. So, does Kishan help Sanjana to get her husband back? or does he makes Sanjana love him? To know the answers of these questions, you need to see the movie.

In this movie, Akshay has not done his so much joker acting that once started irritating to the audience. The story of the movie is very simple.

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Humor is not too much great in the movie. It’s little low as compared to No Entry and Welcome. The climax of the movie also does not take it to as high as one expects. Though it’s not too much laughter movie, but is a decent entertainer. The movie contains some emotional scenes with little laugh.
Thank You Movie

It seems that director is in the form again with this one. He has tried to overcome his previous movies mistakes. The cinematography is little poor but songs are shot well.

The music by Pritam is already popular in the audience. ‘Pyaar do Pyaar lo’ and ‘Razia’ are already entertaining the public.

You will not try to remember even anyone dialogue of the movie, all are boring. No PJs and one-liners have been forcibly inserted.

Akshay Kumar is wicked, funny and a strong base for the movie. Bobby Deol’s comedy also can’t be ignored. Suniel Shetty delivers some of the best scenes, lines that will make you laugh for sure. Irrfan Khan has repeated his same old style. Much of the comedy is done by Suniel Shetty and Irrfan Khan.

Sonam Kapoor looks little odd in some of the emotional scenes. Rimi Sen does her best. Celina Jaitley doesn’t have much scope but her scenes with Sunil are good. On actress side, Celina and Rimi have shown good comedy.

For supporting cast, Mukesh Tiwari and Rakhi Tandon have played their roles well. Cameos played by Vidya Balan are good and Ranjeet is decent.

It can get good box-office collection since people are in too-much cricket from the last 1 month and for the coming 2 weeks also, no big movie is coming. So, the next 2 weeks can give it some enough money.

Overall, ‘Thank You’ can’t be the complete food to overcome your fun-hunger. It’s not ‘Welcome’ but yes; it can reduce your hunger to a wider extent. You can see the movie with your complete family. You can watch it for some fun, comedy and sweet music. We can give it a rating of 3.5/5.

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  1. Welcome was a bad movie. Thank You is very good.

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