Unforgettable Journey on a Public Transport in South Asia

The cities have expanded beyond proportion as a result of population explosion in one of the poorest parts of the world. Most of the population here is either uneducated or unable to understand the later complications or is so effectively brain washed by clergy that they care a damn to Governmental population control measures and drive. The end result is that the situation remains hopeless and the population keeps growing at an alarming rate.

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The only thing in abundance in the country of ours is human being, rest everything is so scarce that most of the population sleeps unfed at night. On my return to my country after long stay abroad I thought to have a pleasure ride on public transport system of the city. Now I came to know what had escaped my notice so far.

The public transport system is a complete failure, no local buses are available. The ones available are old rickety structures, these structures travel few kilometres and stop due to some part’s failure. People are left exposed to extremes of weather (mind it, in summers it is mostly in upper regions of Celsius 40 degree and beyond). The gap of transport availability was found to be filled by private transport owners who use old buses, wagons and God knows what all to transport poor passengers, charging the fare at their will and occasionally give good thrashing to an unlucky passenger who dares to complain or question about fare/ poor service. You can notice many small pickup trucks converted into passenger vehicles.

Passengers are made to sit like sheep and cattle in these vehicles in addition to the old buses and wagons you can see many rashly driven rickshaws on city roads. These rickshaws are stylishly decorated and the trendy drivers display many slogans on the back of rickshaw too as per their nature/desire. These rickshaws too are overloaded both with males and females alike and add to the traffic mess on already packed roads. Lots of people were seen travelling on horse driven carts by me, indeed it attracted my attention.

Anyway I was most amused by funny looking motorcycle rickshaws being utilised for hauling passengers. I had never seen such a transport earlier, so I decided to enjoy a ride on it. It was a 100cc motorbike (with modified piston) which was being used to pull a load of twelve people, driver sitting on fuel tank with two passengers. I initially enjoyed the reckless driving, keeping one hand on fellow passenger’s shoulder for support. Later part of the ride is unexplainable as the rashly driven rickshaw went out of control and landed in a sewerage drain. All passengers fell in the drain, got soaked in dirtiest possible water. Embarrassed, we all came out of drain and were shocked to find that we were being photographed by a team of cameramen. As customary in such cases, the driver had made good his escape.

On reaching home I switched on the television after taking a bath and was shocked to find myself on television screen. My face was jet black due to drain’s dirty water, a used plastic bag was licking my lips and the hairs were full of weeds. In short I was looking like an alien from unknown world. Seeing it I could not control my laughter as I had never ever thought that one day in life I shall look so pathetic. Now whenever my wife recalls that incident, we both smile. She enjoying and I SHEEPISHLY.


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  1. Is that car or a bike? Whatever but its funny 🙂 I happens either in India or in China.. lol

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