The Old Friends’ Get Together

The On set

The climate here in my country is too intense and particularly gets unbearable in summers. The load shedding of electricity by the local power management and development authorities has left the general public in a miserable condition and the only way to seek refuge from all this is by getting oneself wet somehow and keeping the body cool. The same was happening to me, my brother and my cousins on the last Sunday while we were at our village visiting it after a lot of years. We were indeed left helpless by the unpredicted power load shedding when suddenly one of my cousins, one who lives in the village, shouted with excitement lets go to the tube well to take a bath. I had no prior experience in this regard and hence was reluctant but when all the others agreed to go and all of them insisted that I too shall accompany, I was not left with any choice but to go along.

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The Plot

On reaching the tube well all the others jumped into the water and forgot the scorching heat that we had been facing since morning. I however continued to be a chicken and could never muster up enough courage to enter the water. I continuously watched others beating the heat with the natural cool water coming out of the ground. My cousins insisted that I must join them but I continued to refuse the proposals. They didn’t like it much but I continued to be the way I was already.

The Mischievous Plan

Then something unexpected happened, suddenly someone pushed me in the tube well’s cold water from behind. My foot slipped and I went down into the water with a splash. For a few seconds I held my breath and stayed under water. Now I decided to tease my fellows a bit according to a preset plan. So I came out of the water grabbing my head from behind and it looked to all the others as if I had hit some stone and had wounded myself. I started wailing with pain and all of my fellows got worried about my condition. They all inquired me what had happened to me and if I needed help. I expressed the need of medical treatment. Leaving everything else they all hurried me to the car and put me in the back. All the time I placed one of my hands on my head, as if I was hiding some deep wound. They kept asking me about the wound and the pain, expressing their deep concern for me.


On reaching the hospital they hurried me to the doctor while I still had my hand on the head placed so tightly that they all couldn’t see under it and still had the view that I am in great pain and am keeping a firm grip so that I don’t bleed much. On reaching the doctor’s clinic we hurried inside and then something quite unusual happened. I picked up my hand from my head and there was no wound there, also absent was any sort of bleeding. My brother and cousins remained stunned except for the ones with whom I had planned the whole event. The doctor just then entered the clinic and my brother was left speechless, he (the doctor) in fact was an old friend of my brother whom he was meeting after at least 6 or 7 years. He had gone abroad at a young age and my brother had lost contact with him. So on coming to know about his presence in the village’s clinic as a doctor, I arranged a plan for the get together. After which a series of laughter, fun and joy began at the spot.


A Wonderful Ending

The entire plan turned out to be a complete success and my brother later thanked me for arranging it. I however, still smile at the condition of my cousins and my brother whom I had befooled then, so easily.

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