Is still a Watchdog Required

We love the life as beautiful it is and also try to make it more beautiful and pretty by adding on it every day and every passing moment. Pets, cattle, livestock, painting, arts, performing arts etcetera are the ways adopted by different people to beautify their surroundings and to make their life full of joys. These days a trend has come not only among the rich and famous but also in upper middle class to own a farm house in vicinity of the towns where they reside. Such farm houses are used by these people for a variety of purposes including spending weekends, arranging functions and get together of friends. Such places having soothing effects on visitors due to their open green fields and lively environment. There are people who have small wild life zones in the farm houses too. Deer and peacocks etc are great addition in such farm houses, all especially the children enjoy a lot.

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Last week I was invited by a friend at his farmhouse, the farm house though not far away from the town was quite difficult to be reached. I realized it only when I started the journey to it. Actually the only route to this specific farmhouse winded through old city and its very narrow roads / lanes. The friend had once told me that it had been purchased in that area as it costed less. But now passing through a stream of cyclists, motorbikes, donkey carts, hand pushed carts I thought it would have been far better if Salman had purchased it another thought. Waiting, stuck up in a traffic jam, I made so many plans to ask Salman that why did he want to punish his friends and family by driving to this place. However, my thought process was disturbed once had a thud kind of loud voice and realised that a donkey cart had hit rear of my car. Concerned I disembarked from the car to find a big dent on rear bumper. Annoyed I saw the man sitting on cart, refusing to get down from it. Instead of being sorry, he started arguing that why had I stopped there on the road. Neither did he have a penny in his pocket to pay for my loss nor any intention to do so. The people around were from lower class and displayed a strong behaviour against me. No one seemed to listen to me or was in a mood to help me. Sensing the crowd’s mood, I helplessly sat in the car and drove onwards to the farmhouse. Soon I was there, now my mind was in the new car, whose bumper had been smashed. I was just wondering from where I shall get its replacement and at what cost, what effect shall it have on car’s appearance. With these thoughts crowding my mind I reached the farmhouse.

All had reached, I was late. I had no idea of the layout of the farm, no one was there to guide. So I started moving in a direction, suddenly I heard wing fluttering voice, then something hit my body and cut my leg. Frightened I just shrugged and kicked the thing behind me. It fell away but again attacked, now I ran to save myself, the bird continued my chase. I turned my face, while running and found it was a goose. It again attacked, finally I reached my friends, and they laughed loudly seeing my condition. Later Salman apologized by saying that the goose is violent and attacks all incoming people and I should have informed him on arrival to avoid the happening. When I now recall the incident, I enjoy it now after a week too.


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