Saint Ram Rahim Ji’s drivers – Khatta Singh and Gobind Singh exposed

Baba Ram Rahim JiSaint Ram Rahim Ji’s former 2 drivers, Khatta Singh and Gobind Singh took 30 lacs of conspiracy from some illegal sources.

Khatta Singh was interviewed in a news channel – India TV, where the driver spoke against dera chief but now CBI has discovered that these 2 along with some media persons took confederacy of 30 lakhs rupees to blemish Baba Ram Rahim Ji’s image.

An illegal plot was designed in order to trap Baba Ji. A lady was also involved in the whole plot. These were not the only people. This illegal game can’t be played by just 2-3 persons. Several big people were involved in this. The game was planned properly and several dss people were also bought. Like the former 2 drivers were given huge sum of money and were asked to speak against Dera Chief.

Several false criminal cases have been imposed on Saint Ji.  This is clear in front of everyone that the people who are speaking against Babaji are proving all false. To this, Dera spokesman Mr. Pawan Insan added that no one can hide the truth for a longer period of time. He said that Guruji is innocent and the people who are trying to spoil the shining image of Guruji and Dera Sacha Sauda are getting exposed in front of everyone and soon they will pay for their wrong-doings. God is watching everyone and he punishes the wrong-doers.

Recently, CBI also gave a clean chit to Dera Chief in faqir chand murder case.

All cases against dera head are proving false one by one and dera premis are very much delighted on this.

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  1. dhan dhan satguru era hi asra

  2. Manmohan Arora



    BUT the disturbances such false accusations create ; are left un-noticed. These liars must be punished in this world also.

  3. this world has always tried to defame the worshipable personas. Remember what happened with Shri Ram Ji, who is God for our hindu community. Again, this world tried to defame a saint, who is God for crores of people from all the sects, but truth and belief always wins.
    Dhan dhan satguru tera hi asra

  4. Harbhajan kashyap insan

    Every one knows truth is long runs. Now you can see clean chit by CBI so we are thanks for Pita Ji .


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