WikiLeaks Payments halted by Bank of America

Bank Of America stops payments of wikileaks.

US Bank, Bank Of America has announced that it will not process any WikiLeaks payments. With this step, BOA joined several other financial institutions, refusing dealing with wikileaks. This is a great blow to wiki leaks.

In support of their move, bank added that they can’t deal with a firm engaged in the activities that are against bank’s policies. Prior to this, Paypal, Visa Europe, MasterCard etc. have declared not to process any transaction intended for Wikileaks, among which The Charlotte Observer was the first one.

In reply to BOA’s step, WikiLeaks tweeted urging its customers to close their relationships with the Bank of America.

In early December, hackers caused some technical issues to Master Card’s website. These hackers were working under the operation ‘Operation Payback’, resulting in the halting of relationship of MasterCard with wikileaks. Paypal saw slowness in its website.

CEO and analyst from the security research firm Securosis, Rich Mogull, said that No financial organization can be fully safe. He also added that BOA is one of the top-most targets of the world.

Security Experts also agree that to hack BankOfAmerica would be tough for hackers.

In a fight between US Bank BOA and Wikileaks, the loser is the latter one as people have more faith in the former. Its customers hold trust in its services and also they kepp their thousands of dollars in it. So, acting upon the bank’s advice, they have stopped working with the defaulter, with whom others have also denied to work.

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